The Bunny Alliance is coming to a town near you!

The Bunny Alliance is expanding the reach of the Gateway to Hell campaign in the United States and providing support, guidance, and information to others with the goal of creating a vast network of grassroots animal rights and environmental activists.

We have launched a campaign against Delta Air Lines to demand that they force Air France to place a permanent ban on the transportation of all animals being shipped to vivisection labs across the world. As Air France is one of the last commercial airlines that continues the practice of shipping animals to labs, it is vital that we stop the shipments for good and take a significant step towards the end of vivisection.

We are targeting Delta Air Lines because they are in a strategic partnership with Air France and are in a position of authority to influence and enforce a ban on shipments of animals to labs.

It is claimed that “[t]he joint venture between Air France-KLM and Delta is considered one of the deepest in the industry and the agreements, to which Alitalia is also a party, cover coordinated transatlantic operations in terms of ticket pricing, schedules, capacity, and revenue.”  “The parties also share profits and losses of their transatlantic flights. ” [Source]

More updates on the campaign will be available in the coming weeks, including demonstration announcements, downloadable posters, and detailed information on how to start your own collective and hold demonstrations against Delta/Air France in your community!

So watch out for The Bunny Alliance!