Our First Phone Action Against Delta Air Lines! Be a Part of It!


Be a part of The Bunny Alliance’s first action in our campaign against Delta Air Lines! As a part of Primate Liberation week, on Wednesday, October 16, make a polite phone call to the headquarters of Delta Air Lines during office hours (9am – 5pm EDT) and tell Delta to use its partnership with Air France to convince Air France to stop transporting primates and other animals to labs.

Since this is the first action in the Delta campaign, it is important that we show Delta that it is coming under a lot of pressure to help end Air France’s involvement in vivisection. So make some calls, spread this information, and tell other people to call too! You can use the Facebook event page to help you spread the word.

Delta Headquarters
(404) 715-2600
(800) 455-2720
October 16, 8am – 5pm EDT

“I’m calling to ask that Delta Air Lines use its partnership with Air France to convince Air France to stop transporting animals to laboratories and to enact a permanent policy against doing so.”

– Delta is in a joint venture with Air France in which they share the profits, scheduling, capacity, and revenue of passenger flights on which frightened monkeys, dogs, cats, and other animals are hidden away in the cargo holds and destined to die in cruel laboratory experiments.
– Since Delta is in a strategic partnership with Air France, Delta is in a position of authority to influence and enforce an Air France ban on
shipments of animals to labs.
– Air France is one of the last commercial airlines that continues the practice of shipping animals to labs.
– Air France is the last commercial airline willing to fly primates from Mauritius, a small island off the African coast that exports around
10,000 primates each year.
– The vivisection industry is responsible for the torture and deaths of millions of animal every year.



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