China Southern Airlines Demo at US Head Office!


Date: Thursday, October 24th
Where: China Southern Airlines Office
Address: 6300 Whilshire Blvd. #1510, Los Angeles CA 90048
Time: 12PM

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Parking: Free parking on W 6th St. between La Jolla Ave and
Crescent Heights Blvd.
*Pay attention to posted signs for street sweeping

New information has surfaced about China Southern’s plans for a new shipment of live primates to the Chicago O’Hare International Airport at the end of next week. We must put pressure on them to stop this shipment and ultimately put a permanent ban on shipping live primates to research labs. We CAN save these primates so please come out and support our furry friends!

China Southern Airlines is the last Chinese airline to continue transporting primates for vivisection.
Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines have all confirmed that they will no longer transport primates.

China Southern Airlines regularly transport monkeys from Guangzhou (China), to Chicago (USA), and Paris (France), where the animals are distributed to laboratories across the USA and Europe. As the only transporter of primates from China, it’s suspected that China Southern Airlines are transporting up to 1,200 animals a month and it is scheduled to increase by the thousands.

If you are unable to make it to the demonstration you can participate in Gateway to Hell’s Cyber Action that is going on now:

Alternatively you can call China Southern’s LA and Chicago Offices and ask them to stop shipping primates:

LA Offices:
(323) 653-8088
(323) 653-0988
(310) 410-1318
(888) 338-8988
Fax: (323) 653-8066

Chicago Cargo Office:
Phone: (773) 601-8800
Fax: (773)601-8866

Here is a list of China Southern’s Cargo Offices and numbers all around the world:

****We are targeting China Southern airlines as a part of the Gateway to Hell Campaign because they are the only supplier of primates from China to labs in the US and Europe. We will not tolerate any racist/ anti-Chinese statements on any of our pages or at any of our events. There are many dedicated activists in China and other Asian countries working to bring about animal liberation. Empty Cages LA is dedicated to anti-racism and anti-speciesism as interconnected struggles against oppression. We will NOT cooperate with organizations that are willing to ignore human rights and and the importance of fighting for total liberation, including but not limited to the fight against homophobia, transphobia, racism, fascism, sexism, misogyny, etc.****