Press Release: West Coast Protests against Delta Air Lines’ Support of Animal Cruelty

The Bunny Alliance has organized demonstrations at major West Coast airports for the busiest travel day of the year to demand that Delta Air Lines end its support of animal research and help stop the transport of animal to laboratories.

The Bunny Alliance has coordinated demonstrations at airports along the West Coast for the day before Thanksgiving—known as the busiest air travel day of the year in the U.S.—to raise awareness among holiday travelers about Delta Air Lines’ relationship with the vivisection industry. Protests will take place at Sea-Tac International Airport, Portland International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport.

The Bunny Alliance is targeting Delta Air Lines because it is in a strategic partnership with Air France and is its North America representative—and Air France is one of the last commercial airlines to continue the practice of shipping primates, dogs, and other animals to labs where they are tortured and killed. These protests are part of The Bunny Alliance’s larger campaign against Delta that is demanding that the airline force Air France to follow the trend among other airlines and place a permanent ban on the transportation of all animals being shipped to vivisection labs across the world.

Delta Air Lines bears responsibility in Air France being one of the last commercial airlines to ship animals to labs, and this holiday season, The Bunny Alliance and compassionate activists everywhere are holding Delta accountable and demanding that the airline take a stand against animal cruelty.


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