Gateway to Hell Tour Kick Off!

On Friday, December 27, The Bunny Alliance kicked off their Gateway to Hell Tour with two demonstrations at the Salt Lake City International Airport! First, The Bunny Alliance made a surprise visit to Delta’s airport cargo office, where the activists loudly announced the start of their national tour to hold Delta accountable for their relationship with Air France and the vivisection industry. The Bunny Alliance then met up with local Salt Lake City activists to have a demonstration at the Delta terminal, which had signs everywhere reading “Delta – Air France” that illustrated the intimate partnership between the two airlines. The group of activists held signs and banners and leafleted outside the door to the terminal, and then moved inside the terminal to stand by the ticket counters with the powerful messages to Delta. Travelers were shocked to learn that Delta helps facilitate the torture of animals, and they promised to not fly on Delta until Air France permanently stops shipping animals to labs.

A representative of The Bunny Alliance had an extensive conversation with a group of Delta pilots and flight attendants; they showed a lot of concern for animals and offered to talk to management about the issue. The ticket counter employees, however, were disturbed by the presence of activists and repeatedly called security, who had to explain to the employees that the activists had a legal right to protest against Delta in the publicly accessed areas of the airport. The Delta employees walked away unhappy, unable to do anything to stop the activists from demanding that Delta help put an end to the transport of animals to labs, and Delta is going to keep learning that they can’t stop The Bunny Alliance. Salt Lake City was just the first stop of the Gateway to Hell Tour, and the message to Delta is going to keep getting louder.


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