Denver Tour Stop!

For the second stop on The Bunny Alliance’s Gateway to Hell Tour, we organized a demonstration at the Denver International Airport where over a dozen local Denver activists came out! Activists held banners and signs shaming Delta Air Lines for its business partnership with Air France, one of the last remaining commercial airlines transporting animals to laboratories. As activists handed out leaflets to travelers, many of them promised to never fly Delta Air Lines or Air France until Air France stops this cruel practice of shipping wild-caught and purpose-bred animals to vivisection labs. Reporters from The Denver Post covered the protest and then ran a story about our campaign against Delta; read the article here.

photo This action was also the debut of our “Fight For Liberation” banner, which shows The Bunny Alliance’s dedication to the liberation of all, non-human and human animals alike, and chants of “One Struggle, One Fight! Human Freedom, Animal Rights!” could be heard echoing through the corridor of the airport. After the activists left the Delta departures area of the airport, we headed over to the Delta Cargo office for a surprise demonstration. Employees stopped activists from entering the office to talk with Delta employees, so we held a loud demonstration outside the office. This was our second day of double demos against Delta Air Lines, and there are many more to come.

Delta’s relationship with Air France could not be made clearer when every Delta ticket counter reads “Delta KLM Air France” in bold letters spanning the walls behind them. Until Air France enacts a permanent ban on the transportation of all animals destined for a life of torture inside of a laboratory, we will continue to speak up and expose Delta’s involvement.

f748d5c270fe11e39dcd12ec51143e68_8 Later that day, The Bunny Alliance held a packed workshop at Nooch Vegan Market . The workshop focused on training local activists on how to organize their own demonstrations against Delta Air Lines and be a part of the global Gateway to Hell network. Activists around the country are learning how to take action and hold Delta Air Lines accountable for its involvement in animal testing.

Protestors with The Bunny Alliance protest Delta Airlines and Air France because of their policy of allowing the transportation of animals being shipped to vivisection labs across the world.

 (Photo by: Helen H. Richardson, THE DENVER POST)


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