St. Louis and Chicago Tour Stops!

The Bunny Alliance traveled into the Midwest on the Gateway to Hell Tour with stops in St. Louis and Chicago! This leg of the tour kicked off with a demonstration at the Delta Cargo Office at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Local activists from Alliance for Medical Progress joined The Bunny Alliance to bring awareness to the cargo workers about Delta’s intimate relationship with Air France and the animal testing industry.

As the demonstration progressed ten airport police arrivedphoto1 with the police chief and a K-9 unit (we are opposed to the exploitation of dogs by police departments). The Police Chief ordered protesters to stop exercising their first amendment rights and leave the premises immediately! Undeterred from their goal of exposing Delta’s support of animal torture, the activists decided to bring their message to the masses by hanging banners about Delta and fighting for animal liberation over the I-70 freeway near the airport.

The next dPhoto1ay, The Bunny Alliance visited another Delta Cargo Office, this time at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport with local activists and the Chicago Coalition For Animal Rights. Activists braved 20 degree temperatures and falling snow to talk with cargo workers and have a demonstration that highlighted the power of the working class to be able to enact change within corrupt corporations. Representatives of The Bunny Alliance spoke with the Delta Cargo Office Manager and asked him to show solidarity with the campaign and deliver our message to other Delta employees.

After leaving the Chicago demonstration The Bunny Alliance went to the site of the Haymarket Affair to pay tribute to anarchist and working class organizers who lost their lives fighting for an eight hour work day and the liberation of humans from the shackles of capitalism.

We also made an additional stop while in St. Louis; we met up with Alliance for Medical Progress to support their ongoing Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 8.52.57 PMcampaign against Bo Kennedy, one of the last “doctors” to continue to use live kittens in cruel intubation trainings. Activists celebrated New Year’s Eve with a demonstration outside his house that demanded he resolve to end the cat lab.
From St. Louis to Chicago and beyond, The Bunny Alliance continues to fight for the liberation of all!


“And now to all I say: Falter not. Lay bare the inequities of capitalism; expose the slavery of law; proclaim the tyranny of government; denounce the greed, cruelty, abominations of the privileged class who riot and revel on the labor of their wage-slaves.” – Albert Parsons, anarchist and Haymarket Affair martyr



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