Demos at the Homes of ABX Air Executives in Ohio!

The Bunny Alliance made surprise stops by the homes of executives of ATI/ABX Air, small cargo airlines owned by  Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) that has been caught transporting primates from China into the US to labs such as Charles River in Texas. Recently, they transported 1,200 primates from China in June and 1,400 primates last month.


Activists have been contacting ABX Air and ATSG through phone and email communications asking them nicely to stop shipping primates to animal testing facilities and to enact a permanent ban on all shipments of animals to labs. Since ABX and ATSG have ignored activists’ requests, The Bunny Alliance stopped by the homes of John Vestal, Vice President of Flight Operations for Air Transport International, and Terry Lynn Scherz, Vice President of Aircraft Maintenance at ABX Air, to bring the issues to their doorsteps.


Inside of John Vestal’s home we could see his family dogs running around and jumping up in the window while his neighbor’s Basset Hound played in the snow and joined in the commotion. We urged Vestal to make the compassionate choice and stop shipping primates in order give them a chance at life and freedom from suffering, just like he gives his family dogs.  Both Vestal’s and Scherz’s neighbors were disturbed to learn that they run a corporation that participates in the selling and transport of animals to cruel laboratory experiments.

To get involved in the campaign against ABX Air and other airlines shipping animals to labs, check out Gateway To Hell.

You can Contact ABX Air and ATSG here:
ABX Air, Inc.
145 Hunter Drive
Wilmington, OH 45177

EMAILS, (send one email to each block):
===================================,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jim.o’

PHONE NUMBERS, (ATSG and subsidiaries):

Air Transport Services Group, Inc:
Investor Relations: +1-937-366-2686
Quint Turner: +1-937-382-5591

ABX Air:
Charter Service: 1-800-FR8-FLYT (free)
Eric Plas: +1-937-366-2478

Catherine Rettich:
+1-937-366-3220 (Fax)

Steve Hanshew: +1-937-382-5591 ext. 62942
Mike Lueck: +1-937-366-2511

Security: +1-937-366-4008
Environmental Safety Manager: +1-937-366-2511
Airport Operations Director: +1-937-366-2282
Hazardous Waste/Environmental: +1-937-366-3119

Air Transport International:
+1 501 615 3500
+1 501 603 2097 (fax)

Missy Carter:
+1-501-615-3500 Ext 1502
1-800-643-9022 Ext 1502 (free)

Pam McCullah:
+1-501-615-3500 ext. 1293
1-800-643-9022 ext. 1293 (free)

Airborne Global:

Dave Sikorski: +1-937-302-9103
Gayle Paetzel: +1-937-725-8866
Steve Sager: +1-937-366-2830

LGSTX Services:

Darrell Wysong: +1-937-366-2703
Bill Schuck: +1-937-725-4233

Office Number: +1-937-366-2380 (then add employee ext)

Steve Sager – ext: 62380
Shawnda Duncan – ext: 62830
Kell Medley – ext: 62839
Steve Hoffer – ext: 62082
Roger Hall/PJ Burton – ext: 62486
Jim Osborne – ext: 62282
Kevin Yeary – ext: 62591
Matt Fedders – ext: 62240
Hal Greig – ext: 62863
Mark Spicer – ext: 62660
Joe Payne – ext: 62686
Heather Anderson – ext: 62307
Melody Joy – ext: 62333
Cheryl Webb – ext: 62313
Terry Wilkin – ext: 62405
Sarah Williams – ext: 62454

Cargo Aircraft Management:

Global Flight Source:

Airborne Maintenance & Engineering:
1-800-856-0217 Ext 5 (free)

Please keep all communications polite and factual at all times!


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