Cincinnati Tour Stop!

The Bunny Alliance drove in to Cincinnati for a demonstration at the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport with local activists. The activists lined up with a banner and signs that read things such as “Delta Helps Murder Dogs” and “Delta + Air France = Partners in Animal Abuse” in front of Delta’s ticket counter. Visibly disturbed by the powerful display, airport security escorted the activists outside to a designated “free speech area” marked by orange cones. But part of our duty as activists is to not allow our speech to be confined, so the activists loudly chanted about Delta’s involvement in the transport of animals to labs where they are tortured and killed. Again flustered by the impact of the activists, airport police told the activists to quiet down…but the right to freedom of speech doesn’t mean the right to only quiet speech. The activists continued to chant and pass out leaflets to travelers, and showed Delta Air Lines and the airport that activists know their rights and will not be silent when primates, dogs, and other animals are imprisoned in labs, where at every moment, they are scared and suffering.



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