Surprise Demo at China Southern Cargo Office at O’Hare International Airport!

While in Chicago on our Gateway to Hell Tour, The Bunny Alliance made a surprise stop at the China Southern Airlines CargoOffice run by Alliance Ground International at O’Hare International Airport. Activists attempted to meet with Helen Han, the cargo manager for China Southern Airlines; however, she refused to open their doors and engage in any dialogue about the thousands of primates she imports into her O’Hare office. If you would like to talk to Helen, the person in charge of receiving the animals, you can call or text her at 773-502-3232.


Since China Southern Airlines and Alliance Ground International refused to talk with the activists, The Bunny Alliance held a small demo outside in the freezing snow to let them know that we are willing to travel across the country to confront them about their cruel practices.

If you would like to get involved in the campaign against China Southern Airlines, check out Empty Cages Los Angeles, an organization that has an ongoing campaign against China Southern Airlines in LA.


Since we were in Illinois, we went to Woodford County to visit jailed animal rights activist Kevin Olliff.Kevin’s continued IMG_20140102_195126_211dedication to animal rights and his unfettered strength even behind bars inspires us to keep struggling for animal liberation and the collapse of the prison industrial complex.

Please visit to donate to Kevin’s legal fund and for more information about his case.


2 thoughts on “Surprise Demo at China Southern Cargo Office at O’Hare International Airport!

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