New York Stop! Home demo, office invasion, workshop, and protest at the NYSE!

Our New York City tour stop kicked off on Sunday afternoon with a surprise home demonstration against one of Air France’s top executives in New York; we visited Antoine Huet at their 56th St. apartment in the city. Huet is a current Vice President at Air France and a former Managing Director at Delta Air Lines. Activists held banners shaming Delta Air Lines and Air France for their partnership in animal cruelty while chanting through bullhorns and talking to locals about the cruelty that happens inside of vivisection labs. Other tenets, many with their companion dogs, came out to see what the commotion was about and were surprised to learn that their neighbor is involved in the cruel trade of primates, dogs, cats, and other animals for invasive, painful experiments. Many tenets, passers by, and even the doorman of Huet’s building talked to activists and expressed support, took literature, and talked about their love for animals and opposition to animal testing. Even though we were having a loud protest outside of their building, they encouraged activists to keep up the good work.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.08.12 PM

On Monday morning, we welcomed the beginning of the trading week with a protest at the New York Stock Exchange to Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.25.57 PMbring awareness to investors that Delta Air Lines (DAL on the NYSE) is involved in a joint-venture with Air France in which they share the profits, revenue, capacities, and booking of international flights on which frightened animals are transported across the world to be tortured. Activists stood outside of the NYSE building holding the “Delta Air Lines & Air France: Partners in Animal Cruelty” banner and their chants of “Hey Delta Air Lines, what do you say? How many animals did you kill today?” echoed through the financial district on Wall Street. Men wearing business suits gathered at the glass doors of the NYSE building to see and hear what was going on outside, making it clear that our message had broken through the walls of one of the most important financial buildings in the world.

The Bunny Alliance continued to bring their message to the high rises of New York City by visiting the corporate offices of Air France at 120 West 56th St. Activists boldly entered the building through the rotating doors, holding signs and banners urging Air France to stop shipping animals while sirens blared through bullhorns and chants of “Stop the torture, stop the pain! Air France is to blame!” filled the lobby. The activists were physically pushed out the doors by security and other workers, but The Bunny Alliance does not give up and merely moved the protest to the sidewalk outside. This move allowed us to reach the public and many people stopped to express support and one person even informed us that Friends of Animals United NJ/NY (FAUN) regularly holds demonstrations against Air France at this location.


In addition to our three demonstrations in New York, The Bunny Alliance held a workshop hosted by the New York City Anarchist Black Cross at The Base, a community space in Brooklyn. At the workshop, The Bunny Alliance explained in detail the goals and strategies of the Gateway to Hell Campaign and why we chose to target Delta Air Lines as a way to convince Air France permanently change their policies and ban all shipments of animals to testing facilities. The crowd was interested in the strategies used and asked a lot of questions that sparked further discussion about the interconnected struggles for animal liberation and and against capitalism. The Bunny Alliance sends a huge thank you to the Black Cross for their help with our work, their support of Kevin and Tyler, and their dedication to animal liberation.


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