Atlanta Tour Stop: Bringing Things Home to Delta

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.37.51 PMAs The Bunny Alliance drove into Atlanta on our Gateway to Hell Tour, we saw that Delta Air Lines is not only headquartered in Atlanta, but has a strong presence throughout the area. Several Delta billboards line the highways and the office headquarters look like a gated city, but The Bunny Alliance has already put a crack in the seemingly all-powerful corporation.

Thanks in large part to Delta’s hometown presence in Atlanta, the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world, and The Bunny Alliance brought our campaign against Delta’s involvement in the transport of animals to labs to the crowds of travelers there. Local activists joined The Bunny Alliance and stood at each door of the Delta terminal where they held signs and leafleted about Delta’s relationship with Air France and animal testing. After a period of interacting with travelers and gaining a lot of support, the activists gathered together to chant, and their words of “Stop the torture, stop the pain! Delta Air Lines is to blame!” filled the terminal that is decked out in Delta colors and signs.


Along with the local activists, The Bunny Alliance then spent the evening visiting the homes of Delta executives. At CEO Richard Anderson’s house, representatives of The Bunny Alliance walked up to Anderson’s glass front door and knocked. They were greeted first by a beautiful golden dog who was curious about them, but Anderson was more concerned when he approached the door. He wouldn’t open it, so activists told him through the glass that they were there as The Bunny Alliance. As soon as Anderson heard the words “The Bunny Alliance,” he said, “Don’t come to my house!” Clearly, Anderson is very aware of The Bunny Alliance and our work against his corporation. The activists told him that—since he had refused a meeting with them at his office—they were there to talk with him about working with Delta to convince Air France to stop shipping animals to labs, but Anderson showed no interest in having a mature discussion. Instead, he turned out the outside lights to his house—leaving the activists to walk down a steep rock stairway in the dark—and walked away from the door. Even though Anderson didn’t want to talk with the activists, they still wanted to talk to him, so the group of activists held a demonstration in front of his house in which they delivered speeches to Anderson and engaged in chants that called out Anderson for his involvement in the continued torture of animals in labs. Not only did Anderson hear the message, but all of his neighbors did as well, and he will hopefully soon extend the compassion he has for his companion dog to the dogs—as well primates and other animals—who suffer and die in labs.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.57.59 AMThe activists next visited the home of Glen W. Hauenstein, an executive VP at Delta. When Bunny Alliance representatives knocked on his door, he refused to even come to it, and instead retreated into a back room. Disappointed in the continued unwillingness of Delta executives to even have a conversation with activists, the activists began their demonstration at Hauenstein’s house on his front stoop. An activist spoke through a megaphone, making sure that the demand for Hauenstein to do his part to stop the transport of lab animals would be heard by him while he hid in the back of his house. The group of activists then had a demonstration in front of his house, where they were confronted by angry neighbors. The activists attempted to calm the neighbors by encouraging them to talk with Hauenstein, yet they remained upset—but we are sure they will still be having words with Hauenstein for engaging in business practices that bring people into his neighborhood to make him understand that assisting vivisection labs is not business that activists will let him leave at the office. The animals don’t get to leave the labs at night, so the people who help to imprison them there don’t get to forget about them while they sit in their mansions and profit off the lives of these innocent creatures.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.48.36 AM

The next morning, The Bunny Alliance hosted a demonstration at the Delta Headquarters, on Delta Blvd. When activists arrived at the headquarters, police and Delta security were already waiting, lined up in front of the gated entrance. But the activists weren’t deterred by the display of corporate repression; they held signs and banners about Delta’s relationship with Air France and chanted about Delta executives’ culpability in the torture of animals in labs. As the chants rang out through the Delta complex, curious employees filled the windows of the office buildings to see what was going on. The activists used megaphones to speak to the employees and to tell them that the protest was not against them, but was aimed at the corporate executives who have the ethical responsibility to talk with Air France. Additionally, the activists asked the employees to join The Bunny Alliance in speaking out for animals and standing up to Air France. As the demonstration came to an end, The Bunny Alliance left Delta with a closing message: convince Air France to enact a permanent ban on transporting animals to labs and activists will leave Delta alone, but until that time, activists will be at Delta’s airports, offices, homes, and headquarters to make sure that Delta comes to the intelligent and compassionate decision to do its part in ending the transport of animals to labs.


A Note to Delta Employees: Please do join us in fighting the cruelty of transporting animals to labs and corporate greed. Visit our For Delta Employees ( page for more information, and please feel free to contact us.


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