LAX tour Stop: Taking on the West Coast.

Entering the last leg of the tour along the West Coast, The Bunny Alliance stopped in Los Angeles for a large demonstration outside of the Delta Terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport, where Delta Air Lines occupies an entire terminal. In LA we teamed up with Empty Cages Los Angeles (ECLA), an antivivisection group that is part of the Gateway to Hell network and has an ongoing campaign against China Southern Airlines.

Activists kicked off the demo with five bullhorns blaring into the opening doors of the Delta Terminal at LAX, where dozens of activists holding signs and banners and handing out leaflets were able to reach out to the thousands of travelers on a busy Saturday afternoon. As activists walked the length of the terminal and stopped at each entrance, airport employees closed and locked the automated doors, leaving travelers confused and frustrated with Delta’s response to a peaceful demonstration.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 9.46.25 PM

Like at the demonstration at the Delta Headquarters and cargo offices, The Bunny Alliance again reminded Delta employees–as well as travelers–that the protest was not targeted at them, but to convince Delta executives to pressure Air France about enacting a policy against the transport of animals to labs. The activists told them that if they want the protests to go away so that they can work and travel without megaphones blaring at them, they should tell Delta to make the smart and compassionate decision to help end the transport of animals to labs.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 9.56.21 PM

Due to the overwhelming success of the tour and the support from activists, the public, the media, and many Delta employees, The Bunny Alliance has decided to expand the Gateway to Hell Tour to include stops in Portland and Seattle! Thank you all for giving us the support needed to make this tour extension happen, and we hope to see many of you at the Portland and Seattle demonstrations!



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