Gateway to Hell Extended Tour: Portland Stop!

The Bunny Alliance met up with Portland Animal Liberation and other local activists for a demonstration inside the Portland stencilInternational Airport. We held signs and banners and leafleted to travelers and airport employees from inside the terminal, between Delta’s ticket counter and security, where all of their customers had to walk past us. Several representatives from other airlines came over to ask about the campaign and were very sad to learn about the animals who suffer in Air France cargo holds, with the support of Delta and its corporate executives such as Richard Anderson. The airline employees even offered tips to strengthen the campaign and donated to it. Many travelers vowed to never fly Delta again and a few travelers exclaimed “I’m glad I didn’t fly Delta!” when they saw our signs about Delta’s continued involvement in animal cruelty.


After the demonstration, activists headed over to Blossoming Lotus, a local vegan restaurant, to discuss the campaign and work PAL-logo-Cwith local activists on keeping momentum in Portland with continued events at the Portland International Airport.

The final stop on The Gateway to Hell Tour is this upcoming weekend at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport! Please come out and speak up for the animals who live a life of torture and pain thanks to Delta Air Lines and Air France. Check out the event page Here. Even though this is the last stop on tour, the campaign is ongoing, so please keep up to date here on and watch out for announcements about our Summer Tour!


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