Sea-Tac International Airport: The Last Stop of the Gateway to Hell Tour!


We celebrated the closing of The Bunny Alliance Gateway to Hell Tour with a demonstration at the Sea-Tac International Airport, outside of Seattle, WA. The group of activists gathered at the entrance to the sky bridge into Delta’s terminal where they held signs and passed out flyers to travelers and airport employees who walked by. The vast majority of people—including a few Delta pilots—took the information and were curious about why Delta is involved in the transport of animals to labs. When we told them about how much money surrounds the vivisection industry, they were disgusted that Delta is willing to be paid off to be complacent in the torture of animals. Everyone seemed to understand that the lives of animals and ethical—and accurate—science is more important than the use of animals in labs…so why can’t Delta and Air France make that simple realization? People told us about their love of animals and hatred of vivisection, and one woman even proclaimed, “Delta sucks!”


Even though our Gateway to Hell Tour has come to a close, this is still only the beginning of our campaign against Delta Air Lines as a part of the larger campaign to get Air France to permanently stop shipping animals to labs. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for upcoming actions that we need YOU to be involved in, as well as announcements about a summer tour that will be even bigger and better! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of making this tour a success, and keep on fighting!


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