The Bunny Alliance Stands in Solidarity with the Blackmail 3!


 The Bunny Alliance stands in solidarity with the Blackmail 3 in their fight for the animals and against the state repression of activists.

 Huntingdon Life Sciences is hell for animals. The dogs, rats, primates, rabbits and others who are trapped within the walls of the lab are poisoned, cut open, beat, and killed—at a rate of 500 animals a day. The torture of these animals in the name of science is both heartbreaking and enraging, and the Blackmail 3 and other activists who work to save the animals are their greatest hope and deserve our support.

 We encourage all activists to be in solidarity with the Blackmail 3, both on behalf of the animals and in recognition of the need for a united movement. We are all facing state repression, and we must take care of each other and show HLS, the State, and all corporations that profit off of the blood of animals that we become stronger in struggle. Their attempts to silence us fuel our commitment to resistance, and their horrific exploitation of animals strengthens our resolve to never give up on the fight for animal liberation.

In solidarity,

The Bunny Alliance



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