Urgent Action against ABX Air!


A cargo plane from ABX Air is leaving Anchorage Alaska TODAY to pick up a shipment of around 1,000 primates from Phenom Pehn, Cambodia to bring back to the United States to be distributed to vivisection labs.

Call the Inlet Tower Hotel
and ask for room # 1506 – Jim Gallagher

The Pilot is is flying this shipment is named Jim (James) Gallagher.
RIGHT NOW he is staying at the Inlet Hotel in Anchorage Alaska trying to rest before this long flight. Let’s give him a wake up call!

If Jim doesn’t answer your call please keep trying and let the receptionist at the front desk know that they are hosting a monkey killer in their hotel.

Alternatively, you can call Scott Glasser at his home in Ohio.
Scott is the Senior Vice President of Sales and responsible for securing the contacts ABX has with breeding facilities.

Scott Glasser: 1-513-494-0506

If you can’t reach him at home, call Gail Paetzel, the person under Glasser, at work.

Gail Paetzel: 937-725-8866


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