China Southern Airlines Demo with ECLA!


Join The Bunny Alliance and Empty Cages Los Angeles Tuesday, February 25th for a protest against China Southern Airlines (CSA) one of the last remaining commercial airliners actively transporting animals to vivisection labs.

CSA regularly transports monkeys from Guangzhou (China), to Chicago (USA), and Paris (France), where the animals are distributed to laboratories across the USA and Europe. As the only transporter of primates from China, it’s suspected that CSA are transporting up to 1,200 animals a month but it could be even more given their cargo capacity!

Activists have made their calls, emails and sent polite letters urging CSA to stop shipping animals to labs. CSA have only ignored their voices. The animals need activists in the streets to make the message clear: there is NO excuse for animal abuse!

WHEN: Tuesday, February, 25th 2014

WHERE: 6300 Whilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90048

TIME: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

CONTACT NUMBER: 310-753-8612

Additional Information:

No animals = No vivisection! Many animals, such as nonhuman primates, are bred in farms or captured from the wild on remote islands. For many laboratories, most of whom cannot breed their own primates, their only way to obtain the animals they desire is to import them from countries such as China, Mauritius and Vietnam. By pressuring airline companies with the negative exposure that comes with the vivisection industry, this vital link can be removed and the monkeys cannot be obtained at all. Since there are so few airlines left who are willing to fly laboratory animals, this can sometimes also mean the closure of breeding farms if they cannot profit from selling animals.

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