PIELC Announcement

The official schedule for the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2014 is now public, and we are happy to announce that PIELC will be the first conference at which The Bunny Alliance will be represented. We will have a table and one of our main organizers will be speaking on a panel.

Our decision to be involved in this year’s PIELC was not one that we made lightly. We are very disturbed by the inclusion of anti-trans speakers, including Lierre Keith, Rachel Ivy, and DGR, and we adamantly assert that anti-trans rhetoric and acts must be confronted and not accepted, both in our radical activism communities and everywhere else. Furthermore, any speaker who is known to have brought State agents into radical spaces must not be invited back for the safety of the community, and we denounce Keith’s and DGR’s speciesist platform and trivialization of anarchist and working class struggles.

Ultimately we decided to participate in PIELC because we do not want to allow particular divisive individuals or groups to have the power to actually divide a movement that should have strength based in solidarity, with each other and in defense of the earth and its inhabitants. We are proud to stand with those who work for the liberation of human and non-human animals and the earth, and this includes standing up against oppression and threats of all forms. We hope that PIELC will be a turning point, and that the message that will rise out of the controversy will be that our movements are dedicated to being trans-inclusive and will fight to create safe spaces, and that individuals and groups who promote otherwise are not welcome.

We look forward to participating in PIELC in the spirit of joining forces to protect our community from division and to build movement power through struggle and cooperation. The environment and all of Earth’s inhabitants are being eradicated through global capitalism, and we must stand with the organizations and the activists who are on the ground and behind the scenes working to put a stop to ecocide.

In constant struggle,

The Bunny Alliance


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