ABX Air Office Demo in Ohio!

On March 25, 2014, supporters of The Bunny Alliance held a demonstration at the office of ABX Air in Wilmington, OH. ABX Air is an air transport company that has been caught shipping thousands of primates from China and Cambodia to animal testing labs inside the United States. Since China Southern Airlines recently decided to stop transporting primates for the research industry, ABX Air is now the main importer of primates from Chinese breeding facilities.


Concerned members of the public have been asking ABX Air to follow the lead of almost all other airlines and refuse to ship animals to labs. However, ABX Air continues to participate in this cruelty, so The Bunny Alliance supporters went to ABX Air’s headquarters to demand that they stop shipping primates to laboratories and enact a permanent ban on all shipments of animals to labs. Airport officials were waiting for activists when they arrived at the office complex. When they attempted to enter the complex to find the ABX office, two officials asked if the activists were with The Bunny Alliance. The airport officials showed the activists the designated free-speech area on the sidewalk in front of the building. The activists held signs and chanted as airport and airline employees walked by on their way to the parking lot at the end of the work day. The activists also took advantage of the walls and lamp posts inside the designated area to display more signs and were able to gather many on-lookers from inside the building.


Actions such as these will continue until ABX Air and their parent company, ATSG, enact a permanent ban on transporting animals to labs. ABX Air: As the main importer of primates from China, you have become the focus of animal rights activists around the country and the world.




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