Phone Action Against ABX Air!


Call ABX Air Today!
New numbers will be posted at the top of every hour!

Joe Payne: ABX air Executive – Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Cell: 937-725-8352

Round 7 Phone Numbers:
Kyle Murphy: Supervisor and Auditor
Debbie Wilson: Buyer, Purchasing’s

Round 6 Phone Numbers:
Jean Radcliffe: Contract Administrator
+1.937.382.5591 Ext. 63457
Penny Tira: Sales Representative

Round 5 Phone Numbers:
David Sikorski: +1.937.302.9103
Quint Turner, Chief Financial Officer: +1.937.366.2303

Round 4 Phone Numbers:
Joe Payne: +1-937-382-5591 ext: 62686
Steve Sager: +1-937-382-5591 ext: 62380

Round Three Phone Numbers:
Steve Hanshew: +1-937-382-5591 ext. 62942
David Sikorski, Manager, Charter Sales: +1.937.302.9103

Round Two Phone Numbers:
Eric Plas: +1-937-366-2478
Catherine Rettich:+1-937-366-2444

Round One Phone Numbers:
Gail Paetzel: +1.937.725.8866
Barbara Brooks: Phone: +1.937.366.2499 Fax: +1.937.366.3234

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Check back every hour for new numbers!

ABX AIR, a subsidiary of Air Transport Service Group (ATSG), has been caught transporting thousands of primates from breeding facilities in China and Cambodia to animal testing labs in the United States. ABX Air is the top transporter of primates from Asia into the United States now that China Southern Airlines has decided to ban all primate transports. Last year ABX Air imported thousands of primates into the U.S., and so ABX Air bears responsibility for the torture and deaths of these animals in labs.

The growing trend within the aviation industry is for airlines to refuse shipments of animal to labs, and almost every airline in the world has put forward policies banning the practice. It’s time for ABX Air to follow suit and stop engaging in the cruel practice of transporting animals to labs.

The Gateway to Hell network has repeatedly succeeded and these phone actions have a huge impact, so start making those calls!

Please keep all communications polite and factual at all times!

SAMPLE MESSAGE, (edit for more impact):

Dear Air Transport Services representative;

I have been horrified to discover that one of your subsidiary companies has accepted a contract to transport a huge number of mon_keys from Ch_ina to the United States in order for them to be exper_imented upon in res_earch lab_oratories!

Monk_eys in laborat_ories suffer unimaginable cru_elty in exper_iments which have little if any benefit for human health. The mac_aque mon_keys you transport have a comparable awareness of a three year-old human child, so, as you can imagine, they are capable of extraordinary levels of mental suffering.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms not to transport these ani_mals, and instead I ask you to reconsider you to ban the transportation of rese_arch
pri_mates as so many other air cargo carriers have!

Please take a stand against ani_mal crue_lty by cancelling any planned ship_ments of pri_mates and making a pledge not to transport res_earch
prima_tes in future.

Yours sincerely,


EMAILS, (send one email to each block):
===================================,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jim.o’


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