Actor Ian Somerhalder Speaks out against Anaimal Testing and Delta Airlines

During a protest against Delta Air Lines and Air France on March 23rd a few celebrities stopped by to show their support.

Ian Somerhalder stands against animal testing

Ian Somerhalder on Animal Testing: “It’s NOT NECESSARY!!!!”

by Natalia Galbetti Ian Somerhalder is always using his reach on social media to promote environmental and animal rights issues. This time, he’s tackling the use of animals in scientific research.“The Vampire Diaries” star instagramed a video of a protest against Delta Airlines, a partner of Air France, which still flies animals like dogs and primates to take them to labs where they’ll be used as test subjects. They are put in the cargo holds in wooden crates and proceed to labs where they are legally tortured during tests.

“Wow. This is a bummer… Do we really need to test on animals still? We can send missions to mars yet we still test on animals-guess what? It’s NOT NECESSARY!!!!,” wrote the 35-year-old whose non profit organization is raising funds to open an animal sanctuary for abused animals. “We know this like we know the earth is round… Primates should be in trees. Not in labs.”

The video, which doesn’t show Somerhalder himself on camera, features a number of protesters holding up signs with messages like “Boycott Delta and Air France” and “Air France Stop Shipping Primates To Their Death.”

The same day Russell Simmons stopped by the protest, posing for a picture with an LA activist and urging Delta Air Lines to cut their ties with animal testing on his Instagram.



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