Animal Liberation Forum — recap and announcements!

The Bunny Alliance recently spent the weekend in Southern California for the Animal Liberation Forum, which included a day of tabling and panels as well as a demonstration against Delta Air Lines.


Throughout the Forum, we had a table set up with information about The Bunny Alliance, the Gateway to Hell network, our recent victory against China Southern Airlines, and our ongoing campaign against Delta Air Lines and Air France. We also had poster flyers from the Civil Liberties Defense Center about what to do if State agents come to your door, as well as leaflets about how animals are exploited by the factory farming industries and the importance of being vegan for them.


In addition to having a table, we also spoke on a panel at the Forum. The Bunny Alliance organizers talked to a full room about our campaign against Delta and the broader importance of engaging in strategic campaigns. We encouraged people to get involved—both to challenge the corporate power to exploit others and on behalf of all the animals who are suffering and desperately need our devotion to working for their liberation—and we were excited to see the response. New and seasoned activists let us know how much they appreciated our words and support the campaign, and people who haven’t been involved in activism for years let us know that our campaign is bringing them back. Our panel concluded with the exciting announcement of our follow up to our winter tour. The Bunny Alliance, in a partnership with Resistance Ecology and with the support of additional groups, will be hitting the road again this summer to protest Delta at strategic locations as well as to work with other animal liberation groups and build relationships with environmental and other social justice activists.

One of The Bunny Alliance organizers also spoke on a panel with members of Resistance Ecology, the Food Empowerment Project, and the Earth First! Journal about coalition building. The panel addressed the importance of building strong relationships between individual activists as well as between groups, both within and outside the animal liberation movement.


The Forum weekend concluded with a power demonstration, co-hosted by Forum-organizers Empty Cages Los Angeles, against Delta at LAX. The energy from the Forum and our panel about the campaign carried into the demonstration—over thirty people attended and carried on the protest past its scheduled end time, and many of the people wore Bunny Alliance shirts and had Bunny Alliance stickers on their megaphones and water bottles. Chants and monologues about Delta’s and Richard Anderson’s involvement in animal torture echoed through the terminal, with eight people chanting through megaphones at a time and two people blowing whistles in time with the chants. We again reminded the Delta employees that we are not protesting them, but that we are asking that Delta’s executives and board members convince Air France to stop transporting animals to labs. We asked the employees to join us in this request, and we even watched as one employee behind a Delta ticket counter chanted along with us and smiled and waved to us when we gave him a thumbs up.


Our protest was not only visited by many concerned travelers who care about animals, but by celebrities who wanted to show their support of ianthe campaign against Delta and the transport of animals to labs. Def-Jam co-founder Russell Simmons took a photo with a protester and her sign, and he later posted the photo on his Instagram page. Actor Ian Somerhalder filmed part of the demonstration, and then posted the video clip on his Instagram and commented, “Wow. This is a bummer… Do we really need to test on animals still? We can send missions to mars yet we still test on animals-guess what? It’s NOT NECESSARY!!!! We know this like we know the earth is round… Primates should be in trees. Not in labs.” His post received international media coverage, with articles on both and the, as well as over 103,000 “likes” on Instagram. The word about Delta is rapidly spreading…

Our weekend at the Animal Liberation Forum and the spread of energy and awareness that came from it is an indication of the power that is building among grassroots activists.


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