Announcing the Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance!

April 12, 2014- A group of organizers affiliated with Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance (RMADA) and supporters of the Bunny Alliance held a demonstration at Denver International Airport (DIA) in response to Delta Airlines’ close partnership with Air France. Air France is one of the last airlines to continue shipping primates and other animals to animal testing facilities in the United States.


Though their presence was small, RMADA evoked an overwhelmingly positive response from travelers. Almost all were shocked and horrified by Delta’s relationship with Air France and many vowed they would no longer fly Delta and were eager to contact airline officials.


This is the first of many demonstrations planned by the fledgling organization surrounding Delta and Air France. As a part of World Week for Animals in Labs, RMADA will be holding a vigil in remembrance of each creature lost to the horrific practice of vivisection at DIA on April 19 at 1:00pm.

Event Page for the April 19th Demo in Denver: Click Here



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