May Day 2014 – For a Freer Tomorrow

Haymarket1International Workers Day, more commonly known as May Day, is upon us. The day is a holiday and celebration of the working class that was born out of the anarchist struggle of the 1880’s, where workers’ blood was shed at the hands of the State and through which the brave Chicago anarchists will forever be immortalized.

Over the years we have seen the ebb and flow of the anarchist movement here in the U.S., with May Day and other days of action as launching points for organizing and action. These events have also been used by the State to repress political activists and justify anarchist witch hunts with grand juries, raids, and intimidation. May Day 2012 was an example of what can be done with a handful of dedicated activists and how much the State fears an organized anarchist movement, but the ensuing fallout demonstrated how fragile our movement is and how badly we need to move beyond symbolic marches and small actions against capitalism. We must truly organize and maintain the spirit of internationalism to once again create a movement, not merely a scene.

As anarchists and political activists, we must acknowledge the repressive apparatuses of the State and the power that it is able to exert over us at any point, and in the face of this repression we must continue to act and continue to organize. Anarchists must form networks and alliances, build friendships and relationships with comrades around the country and abroad, and show each other true solidarity through action.

With a broad network of support, from both anarchists and those sympathetic to our cause, we will have more resources and strategies to combat the inevitable repression to come and fight for a truly free world. While learning from the errors and successes of our past, we must employ new methods to advance our programs, resist the urge of militancy for the sake of militancy, and take note from the Spanish anarchists. Action alone cannot rebuild our movement; we must maintain and advance an anarchist philosophy that necessitates an anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-nationalist, anti-transphobic, anti-homophobic, anti-sexist, and, dare we say, anti-speciesist program.

As an example of the networks we speak of and the work we are doing to foster a movement, The Bunny Alliance is embarking on a national tour this summer with Resistance Ecology and the Earth First! Journal, with support from the Civil Liberties Defense Center. We are few, but we are active and we are dedicated, and we encourage you to join us in actively organizing.

“Get out into the streets. Better yet, get out into the countryside. Do what you know in your heart is right. You won’t regret it.” – Kevin Olliff

For a freer tomorrow, we continue to fight.

The Bunny Alliance


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