On the 2nd of June, ABX Air, a partner company of the globally-renowned cargo company DHL, will be flying another shipment of monkeys from China to research labs in the U.S. This means that DHL is now directly involved in the transportation of monkeys to research labs, even though they have a company policy to not allow the transport of lab animals on their own planes. It is vitally important that we convince DHL to use their influence with ABX Air to stop these shipments!

Please keep the calls going all day!

Bea Garcia
Director of Media Relations – Americas
Phone: +1 954 701 9265
Email: bea.garcia@dhl.com

Message Bea on Facebook:

Message Bea on Twitter:

Lynn S. Anderson
VP Communications Americas DHL Supply Chain
Phone: +1 614 865 8901
Fax: +1 614 865 8871
Email: Lynn.S.Anderson@Exel.com


Jennifer L. Pakradooni
Director Communications Americas DHL Global Forwarding
Phone: +1 954 888 7396
Fax: +1 954 424 7367
Email: Jennifer.pakradooni@dhl.com


Christine Cook
Marketing Manager DHL Global Mail Americas
Phone: +1 954 903 6381
Fax: +1 954 349 8480
Email: ccook@dhlglobalmail.com

To view the Facebook action please click here:

ABX Air along with their parent company Air Transport Service Group is currently the only airline transporting primates from China and Southeast Asia into North America. It is vital that we cut off this supply chain and get ABX Air to stop shipping primates now!


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