Emergency Action to Stop Primate Shipment! Call ABX Air VP today!

JoeABX Air, a subsidiary of the Air Transport Services Group, will be transporting another shipment of primates from China to research labs in the USA on Monday, 2nd of June, and we intend to stop them!

Give ABX Air Vice President Joe Payne a call this weekend and urge him to cancel this shipment and all future shipments!

Joe Payne: VP at ABX Air

Home: 513-683-0707
Cell: 937-725-8352

To send Joe a text message online go to textem.net and enter his phone number, 937-725-8352. Then select Virizon Wireless as the carrier. Please keep your messages polite, friendly, and on topic.

It isn’t yet known exactly how many animals will be onboard this time, but previous ABX Air shipments have carried between 1200 and 1400 animals so we expect this shipment will carry a similar number of innocent victims.

The main customer for the shipment is Charles River Laboratories, although for the first time they are selling space on the plane to smaller importers who can’t afford to charter the whole aircraft. ABX Air is the sole transporter of primates from China to the USA and they must be stopped before they become established!



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