Recent Protest at Air Transport International’s Corporate Office!


In response to the decision by Air Transport Services Group to place a recent shipment of primates on an Air Transport International flight rather than ABX Air flight as the company usually does, Animal Connection of Texas quickly worked with The Bunny Alliance to host a protest at the corporate office of ATI. This group of dedicated activists wanted to let ATSG know that whether a primate shipment is on an ABX Air or ATI flight, activists will speak out on behalf of the primates and urge ATSG to stop coordinating the transport of primates to labs.

This week’s shipment of primates was destined for torture at Charles River Laboratories, a notorious animal testing facility where the innocent animals will be forced to live in hell. Please, join Animal Connection of Texas and The Bunny Alliance in working to convince ATSG to make this shipment of primates their last.

Continue to contact ATSG and ask that they enact a permanent ban on transporting any animals for labs:

Quint Turner
Chief Financial Officer at ATSG

Joe Payne
Senior Vice President at ATSG
Office: +1-937-382-5591, press # then dial 62686
Home: +1-513-683-0707

Richard Baudouin
Board of Directors – ATSG
Office: +1.203.921.0313
Cell: +


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