Southern California Updates

Activists have been busy in Southern California speaking out against transporting animals to labs.

A few weeks ago, The Bunny Alliance kicked things off by tabling at WorldFest, the biggest all-vegan festival in the LA area! We met a bunch of great activists and informed event-goers about Delta Air Line’s involvement in transporting animals to labs. We even discussed the issues with a travel agent who was aware of Delta and Air France’s deep partnership, stating that whenever she is booking Air France flights for customers, she goes through Delta for the entire process. After hearing about Air France’s policies and picking up a stack of literature for her travel agency office, she promised to never book a Delta or Air France-KLM flight for any of her customers until they permanently stop shipping animals for research.


Following World Fest, The Bunny Alliance held an outreach eventphoto1 inside the Delta Terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport. Activists stood at the priority ticket line and handed out hundreds of leaflets to Delta’s priority members and Delta employees. Managers and higher level employees became visibly upset and attempted to remove the activists multiple times as activists engaged in friendly conversation with travelers and Delta employees working the ticketing counters, most of whom were sympathetic to our message. The Delta management called the airport police to remove the activists and attempted to lie to the officers by claiming activists were blocking the ticketing lines and disrupting business. After the police informed Delta’s management that we were within our legal rights to be inside leafleting and holding signs, and that no lines or foot traffic were being blocked, the Delta managers moved the ropes for the priority ticketing line multiple times to attempt to cause a situation where activists were blocking the entrance. The managers did this with no consideration for their employees, making the ticketing agents and customer service agents’ jobs more difficult. However, the friendly staff continued to move the ropes back and undermine their managers who were attempting to silence those speaking out for animals.

Later in the week, Empty Cages Los Angeles held a loud demonstration at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX outside of the Air France-KLM ticketing counters. Dozens of protesters handed out thousands of leaflets to travels on the busy Sunday afternoon, all while holding signs exposing the horrors of Air France’s policies. Activists chanted and spoke out with bullhorns to tell travelers about how Air France is the last major commercial airline in the world to continue shipping animals to labs, and also spoke out against Air France’s racist policies of cooperating with the State in deporting migrant workers and recent involvement in human trafficking. Activists also stood inside of the terminal at the ticketing lines to hand out literature and do speak outs to inform Air France-KLM customers that tortured monkeys and dogs may be underneath their seats.


After the Air France-KLM protest, activists headed over to the Animal Advocacy Museum for a panel discussion on the tactics and goals of the Gateway to Hell campaign. Representatives from The Bunny Alliance, Empty Cages LA, and PETA all talked about what each organization is doing to stop the transport of animals to labs and what activists and individuals can do to help. Each organization emphasized the need for continued pressure, not only on the Air France-KLM-Delta group, but also on cargo airlines such as Air Transport Services Group and ABX Air, as well as the importance of having multiple organizations working together for a common goal, even within one city such as Los Angeles where The Bunny Alliance, Empty Cages LA, PETA, and Last Chance for Animals all work within their respective capacities to end these transports.


The week of activism did not end with a talk. After the panel, activists went to UCLA vivisector David Jentsch’s house for a demonstration organized by Progress for Science. Activists informed Jentsch’s neighborhood about the cruel and torturous experiments to which Jentsch subjects primates and mice and informed him that no matter where he goes, activists will be there speaking up for the animals. Activists showed him the truth of this promise the next week, when activists showed up at the University of Michigan where Jentsch was giving a talk. A broader promise should also be clear: activists don’t give up on demanding compassion for animals, whether they be trapped in labs or exploited in some other way.

Together we can close the gateway to hell and see a brighter future for all living beings.

The Bunny Alliance

Don’t forget to join The Bunny Alliance and Empty Cages LA this weekend for another protest against Delta Air Lines at the Los Angeles International Airport! View event page.


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