First protest announcements of the Fight or Flight Tour!

This summer, we are embarking on the Fight or Flight Tour with our friends at Resistance Ecology, the Earth First! Journal, and the Civil Liberties Defense Center — and we’ve now announced three protests that we would like to especially highlight and encourage people who can to consider planning ahead and traveling to join us at these special protests!

1) Protest against Delta Air Lines and Air France at LAX during the Animal Rights National Conference.

The AR Conference, which will attract over a thousand people who care about animals, is happening this summer just down the street from LAX. So we have coordinated transportation for conference-attendees to join us for what is sure to be the largest demonstration yet against Delta in our campaign. Whether you’re attending AR or not, please join us for this record-setting protest where you will join compassionate activists from around the world in demanding an end to Delta and Air France’s facilitation of animal torture.


2) Protest at Covance Lab.

Covance is one of the largest animal testing companies in the world, and its facility in Alice, TX, where we will be having this protest is home to a primate quarantine facility, which can hold primates who are transported into the U.S. by airlines such as Air France and ABX Air. We encourage people to join us from cities all round Alice — Corpus Christie, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and others. It’s worth traveling a few hours to create a crowd of people speaking out for the animals who are held captive and tortured just yards away from where we will be standing.


3) Protest at Delta Headquarters.

This protest will be where we bring our message of asking Delta to convince Air France to stop their transport of animals to labs right to where Delta’s corporate executives spend their days working. Delta has a strong presence in Atlanta, GA, where the headquarters are located, so we invite people from Atlanta — as well as from outside Atlanta and even outside Georgia — to travel to this protest to help us to have an even stronger presence. Delta’s executives won’t be able to ignore that people from throughout the U.S. are demanding freedom for the animals that Air France locks in cargo holds.














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