First U.S. Action Against DHL!

On June 23rd Los Angeles activists took to the streets for the first time against DHL Express, a German transport company that is involved in the transport of animals through their close relationship with ABX Air. ABX Air, a subsidiary of Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), is a cargo airline based out of Ohio and the last remaining airline that transports primates from China and Southeast Asia into North America to be used in cruel experiments, and ABX Air’s main business is transporting cargo for DHL.


The demonstration kicked off at noon at 1900 Sacramento St in IMG_1094Los Angeles, CA. Activists spoke out against the injustice of the animal testing industry and urged DHL to pressure ABX/ATSG to enact a policy banning the transport of primates to labs.  For an hour and a half, the activists stood in front of the main entrance of the facility and greeted DHL customers and employees with leaflets to educat them and surrounding businesses about DHL’s role in animal cruelty.


With ABX Air being the last airline transporting animals into North America from Asia for animal testing labs, it is more important than ever to expose them and their business partners to the public and end their support and integral role in the animal testing industry. DHL can be sure to see a lot more actions against them around the world until ABX Air and ATSG cease all shipments of animals for experimentation purposes.


For more information about the campaign against ATSG/ ABX Air/ ATI and DHL Express visit the Gateway to Hell website.

The Bunny Alliance


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