International Weekend of Action Against Air France report-backs!

Gateway to Hell organized an International Weekend of Action against Air France and the transportation of animals to labs for July 5th-6th, when activists took action all over the world.

On July 5th, Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance held a demonstration at the Denver International Airport to protest Delta Air Line’s continued partnership with Air France, the last remaining 10500253_823063917706122_1907857450952774126_ncommercial airline to continue to transport animals to labs. Many travelers were disgusted by the practices of Air France and shocked to learn that Delta Air Lines is still involved in the transportation of animals to labs. RMADA led chants targeted about Delta Air Lines and was also able to establish contact with a sympathetic Delta employee who was eager to contact management about Delta’s role in ensuring  that animals are sent to labs all over the world. A number of new activists were at the demonstration and are excited to get more involved and keep the pressure on Delta in Denver with the RMADA.

In Los Angeles, activists with The Bunny Alliance and Empty Cages Los Angeles held a demonstration at the Tom Bradley International 10393685_823760210969826_5577803909384274643_nTerminal at LAX as part of the week of action targeting Air France. The activists were outside of the doors that led into the Air France ticketing counter handing out flyers to every international traveler going into the airport. Chants of “Stop the torture, stop the pain! Air France is to blame!” could be heard throughout the airport and inside the terminal where Air France customers were checking their baggage and getting their tickets.

On the same day, in Toronto, Canada, activists went to the Toronto Pearson International Airport to pass out leaflets about Air France’s practices of shipping animals to labs and Delta Air Line’s 10478126_10101959468721260_8074042294031925462_ninvolvement and complacence in doing so. The activists handed out hundreds of leaflets at the Air France Terminal and placed them in the automated Air France ticket machines, in every baggage cart in the terminal, inside newspaper stands, and at the ticket counter before making their way to the Delta Terminal to educate travelers and Delta customers about their relationship with Air France. The activists were even able to leaflet an Air France flight as it arrived at the terminal, making sure every person leaving the gate was handed a leaflet.


The Bunny Alliance was able to make a presence at two Air Souffrance demonstrations in Paris with the “Fight for Liberation Banner” that features red and black anti-fascist flags. The afternoon of action started at the avenue de l’Opéra Air France agency and finished at the Edmond Rostand. The full Paris report-back can be seen here and here.

With activists speaking out all over the world, it is only a matter of time before the public and Air France’s executives understand that animal testing is not a reliable science and that it is a deadend road that contributes to the loss of life of humans and animals.

Until all are free,

The Bunny Alliance


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