Empty Cages LA holds Demo at LAX against Delta

On the afternoon of Saturday, July 26th Empty Cages Los Angeles held a demonstration at Los Angeles International Airport against Delta Air Lines in solidarity with the ongoing Fight or Flight Tour organized by The Bunny Alliance, Resistance Ecology and Earth First! Journal. This date was chosen in conjunction with the next Fight or Flight Tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia, home to Delta’s corporate headquarters. At Empty Cages Los Angeles we want to ensure the message of our outrage at their inaction is heard loud and clear from both the doors of their fancy corporate office and from across the country at the second busiest airport in the United States, LAX.


Ten seasoned activist armed with four megaphones were a force to be reckoned with as they used their voices on behalf of the millions of silenced lab animals suffering lives of nothing but isolation, torture and eventually death. They explained to Delta employees the power Delta has to sway their strategic business partner, Air France, to enact a ban on lab animal transport and that Delta will be held accountable for their apathy and indifference. Delta was also made aware that activists across the United States are embarking on a national campaign against them that won’t end until Air France enacts a ban. Activists also shared literature with hundreds of interested passengers and let them know not to fly Delta and to contact corporate and tell them exactly why: “I will not fly Delta until Air France enacts a ban on the transport of animals to labs.”


This action was also in solidarity with local Los Angeles activists, Tyler Lang and Kevin Oliff, who were recently indicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Please donate through their support site as this case sets precedent for the future of our movement. Differences aside, it is times like these when we need to stick together.

Until ALL Are Free,
Empty Cages Los Angeles