Goodbye to the Fight or Flight Tour, but this was only a beginning…

When we set out on the Fight or Flight Tour, we had a long list of tour dates before us and it seemed that it would be an endless summer on the road. We were planning to travel thousands of miles, visit cities from coast to coast and many in between, and host dozens of workshops and protests—and we had no idea what we were really getting into. Although we’d all traveled before, this time it was getting into a vehicle with people representing four different groups—The Bunny Alliance, Resistance Ecology, the Earth First! Journal, and the Civil Liberties Defense Center—without knowing how well we’d live and work together, or what our travels would bring.

But what at first seemed like a tour that would never end soon became a tour that we were not ready to leave. The Fight or Flight Tour pushed, changed, and brought us together. Before barely hitting the road, we found out that two of our close friends, Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff, had been indicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for allegedly releasing animals from a fur farm. Tyler was supposed to be on the Fight or Flight Tour, and we had many rough moments of dealing with the weight of why he was no longer traveling with us. But ultimately we knew that Tyler and Kevin wanted the tour to happen and that none of us were going to let State repression stop us from continuing to fight. We committed to the tour and to each other, and we were touched by the outpouring of support we received from the grassroots community.

As tour progressed, we kept Tyler and Kevin close in our thoughts—and luckily had the chance to visit Kevin—and had an amazing summer of furthering the campaign to stop the transport of animals to labs; connecting with animal liberation activists, land defenders and resistance communities; and attempting to build solidarity along the way. We remembered a life beyond cities, where animals roam, trees grow, and stars shine. A remembrance of what we must be working in desperation to save. As we watched a lightning storm roll over occupied Lakota land that we had been welcomed onto, as we watched the sun set over the Book Cliffs in Utah, and as we slept under night skies brightened by the stars and moon, we were being held in the tangled beauty of the wild. The resistance—against capitalism, colonialism, borders, violent states and corporations that exploit the earth and its inhabitants—must be driven by this vision of a better world. We cannot let asphalt, roads, concrete buildings, prisons, or cages bury our vision for liberation and autonomy. We are not working to reform these oppressive structures. We do not advocate for assimilation. We must position ourselves against the devastating occupation of the land while demonstrating true solidarity with the animals, people, and communities under repression.

When it came time to actually say goodbye to tour, it felt like we had to say goodbye to everything we’d created and experienced during our time on the road. Our last protest was in Seattle at a Delta Cargo Office, and the protest felt bittersweet. Several police cars were at the office before we even arrived, cops filmed the protest, and three men in ties stood around taking our photos—all reminding us that the presence of State repression had followed us all the way through tour, but that we were still speaking out on behalf of animals. But even though it was our last protest of tour, we decided that the spirit of the Fight or Flight Tour cannot end, even if we had to say goodbye to this adventure.

To continue the effort of building a grassroots movement that connects animal rights activists with those working to defend the land and the wild, creating strength and solidarity in the face of State repression, and grounding our fight in passionate resistance—we are continuing to work together to develop a project that is inspired by the sparks of resistance that are already shining, and that will help that resistance to burn brighter.

Please continue to support all of the organizations that traveled on this tour and those that helped us along the way, and keep watch for what’s to come and be a part of it.

Thank you to all of the groups, communities, human and non-human animals, campaigns, and wild spaces that welcomed us and with whom we are fighting. You give us hope, and you turned a tour that we were all initially uncertain of into the start of something more inspiring than we could have imagined.

In solidarity and with resistance,

The Fight or Flight Tour — Amanda, Grayson, Jordan, Justin, and Suzanna

pre-tour at Forum - edited



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