The Bunny Alliance, Progress for Science, and Empty Cages LA hold demos against Delta and UCLA Vivisector Edythe London

On Friday, September 12th, Progress for Science, Empty Cages LA, 16 (Medium)and The Bunny Alliance organized a demonstration at the Los Angeles International Airport, the sixth busiest airport in the world, to protest Delta Air Lines’ continued involvement in scheduling, booking, and profiting off of Air France flights coming into North America via the Chicago O’Hare Airport carrying primates destined for laboratories.

2 (Medium)
Activists in Los Angeles have been putting constant pressure on both Delta and Air France with regular demonstrations outside of the Air France ticket counters as well as the Delta ticket counters. The momentum in Los Angeles is not slowing down and activists are determined to see a final end to the transport of animals to labs.

19 (Medium)
To further the Gateway to Hell campaign in LA, Empty Cages LA and Progress for Science are holding another demo at the LAX Air France terminal on October 11th followed by two DHL demos organized by ECLA, Progress, and The Bunny Alliance on October 16th as part of Primate Liberation week and the campaign against ABX Air. Los Angeles activists are thirsty for another victory to add to their long list of successful campaigns for animals.

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During the same weekend on the afternoon of Sunday, September 14th, activists who are united in fighting for the liberation of monkeys imprisoned in the University of California Los Angeles met in the neighborhood of UCLA vivisector Edythe London. This action again was organized by three organizations working together: Progress for Science, Empty Cages LA and the Bunny Alliance. Forming two lines on either side of the cul de sac that leads to her house, activists calmly delivered personal messages to Edythe London. This larger-than-anticipated group consisting of regulars, first-timers, and several folks from protests of years gone by made it known to London – again – that addicting monkeys to methamphetamine and nicotine is not okay; that the pursuit of tax payer dollars to fill UCLA’s coffers at the expense of human animals who suffer from addictions and are in desperate need of treatment, education, and other resources but are often left out in the cold due to underfunded programs is morally bankrupt; that addicting nonhumans to drugs shows us nothing about human addictions and is bad science; and that tormenting and killing other beings for our own ends whatever they may be is ethically bankrupt.

As the sun sank behind the trees in this posh neighborhood, our group filed back down the hill to convene at a nearby vegan restaurant in Westwood to await the evening’s second action.
Under the stars, we returned to London’s and, lining the street facing hers, stood silently with light boards, each one a separate letter courtesy of the San Diego Light Brigade and a couple of committed So Cal activists. Our message FREE THE MONKEYS lit up the darkness.



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