Report back from Animal Connection of Texas – Protest at DHL

From Animal Connection of Texas:
Expanding on recent protests Animal Connection of Texas has had in conjunction with The Bunny Alliance at ATIs Irving office, members of ACT gathered in front of DHL Express in Dallas on Thursday, September 25th, demanding that DHL use their influence – as the biggest customer of ABX Air, responsible for over half of their business – to insist that ABX Air/ATSG/ATI join the ranks of China Southern Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, & Hainan Airlines by enacting a policy against the transportation of animals to laboratories; where they are destined to be used in cruel, archaic experiments.
We began by forming a line near the front entrance of the building, chanting to get the attention of the employees inside, after a while, a IMG_20140925_182027570protester held the door open as we continued to chant. Eventually, a group of 8 – 10 DHL employees emerged from a loading dock nearby. We explained why we were there, but a particularly huffy employee – loudly and repeatedly declaring that we were wrong about ABX Air – made it difficult. After a few minutes of trying to engage them in a discussion about the barbarism of vivisection and the role ABX Air plays in it, we were informed that the cops were being called, we headed back to the public sidewalk.
At this point there were small crowds of curious people standing outside of nearby buildings. A man from the UPS building across the street approached us asking questions, and requested flyers to share with his coworkers and friends. We saw him handing them to the others standing outside.IMG_20140925_181854841
Shortly after that, about 8 cop cars pulled up, one after another. We were told sternly, that we had to leave because we didn’t pull a permit with DFW Airport. By the time they were done pulling up the ordinance number, as requested by us, the protest was over.
Overall we are satisfied that we engaged many people and brought attention to the issue, and we look forward to having more DFW area ABX Air/ATI/DHL protests in the near future in support of the Gateway to Hell campaign.IMG_20140927_145807

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