Ottawa Animal Defense League protests Delta and Air France

From Ottawa Animal Defense League:


On Saturday, October 11th activists with Ottawa Animal Defense League held a demo at the Ottawa International airport in support of Primate Liberation Week. Activists held placards at the ticket counter and then in the boarding security check up line up where other potential Delta/ Air France/KLM passengers waited. Comments such as; “Thank you for what you are doing”, “Thanks for this info -I will never fly Delta or Air France”, “You guys are doing a great job”, “I never knew that passenger planes supported this form of cruelty” were repeatedly made. When the last customer left we then proceeded through the airport down the escalator to the security screening area. When the line up was finished there we proceeded to the departure area where we stood again holding signs and educating potential Delta/ Air France customers. Police and the Airport Manager did their best to get us to leave, but we stood our ground and won’t back down.


Do you want to be part of Primate Liberation Week? Find all registered events: Click Here


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