Primate Liberation Week Protest in Lyon, France

From Air Souffrance Lyon:

On Saturday, October 11th, anti-vivisection activists held a 2 hour protest in front of Air France’s commercial agency in Lyon as part of the Air Souffrance/ Gateway to Hell campaign and the Primate Liberation Week.

At the two entries, one of them was closed, some customers turned around, some others hardly noticed the second door where a security guard was standing. These measures didn’t prevent the activists to put pressure on the airline company thanks to speeches and megaphone’ sirens. To make the employees and customers fully aware of the horror off vivisection, images from laboratories were put under their eyes. Employees tried to ignore the activists and customers turned their eyes away, feeling too uncomfortable to face what they support by buying their plane tickets at Air France.
A lot of passers-by have been informed with many informational leaflets given away, and most of them agreed with the campaign.

This demo mark the beginning of the campaign in Lyon, which will last as long as there will be animals in Air France planes’ baggage hold. We’ll be back regularly to remind the airline company it must stop participating in the vivisection industry. Don’t hesitate to join or contact us for more information.

Until every cage is empty.
Air Souffrance Lyon


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