Report back from the first DHL demo in San Francisco!

On Friday, October 3rd, San Francisco activists descended upon the DHL Express warehouse at 401 23rd St, San Francisco, CA, to pressure DHL to cut their ties with ABX Air or convince them to stop shipping primates to laboratories. ABX Air is the only airline currently transporting primates across the Pacific Ocean from China and Cambodia to be distributed to labs across North America. Seasoned activists and activists from across movements–from grand jury resisters, to prison abolition activists, to activists with Stop Smart Meters!–attended.

banner march
DHL is ABX Air’s main customer, with over 50% of their business relying on transporting cargo for DHL as well as leasing cargo planes to them. DHL has become a target of the global Gateway to Hell campaign, with activists speaking out against them all over the world. This effort is an international effort to end animal experimentation across the globe and was highlighted by the presence of an activist wearing an ALARM shirt, a French organization that recently co-organized a march and protest against Air France in Marseille where hundreds of activists attended.


At the DHL office in San Francisco, activists held signs and a banner DHL Driverthat read “DHL & ABX Kill Monkeys!” while chanting and handing out literature to passersby, construction workers, and DHL drivers. One DHL driver stopped to talk to activists and take information. He expressed his support for the primates and his disgust at his employer’s involvement in animal experimentation.

This protest marks the resurrection of the strategic animal liberation movement in the Bay Area, working within global networks to effect tangible change for animals through clear strategic actions and campaigns. Keep your eye out for more actions and join activists in San Francisco for a second protest against DHL on Friday, October 17th, and a protest against Air France on Saturday, October 18th at the SFO International Airport as part of Primate Liberation Week.



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