Primate Liberation Week Gateway to Hell Actions From Around the World

For Primate Liberation Week this year, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) collaborated with The Bunny Alliance and Gateway to Hell to organize a global week of action dedicated to ending primate experimentation. This effort resulted in over 20 actions against airlines that transport animals to laboratories and the most active Primate Liberation Week to date.

For a more detailed reportback on the goals of Primate Liberation Week, check out this article on the Earth First! Newswire.

ABX Air – ATSG – DHL Actions

ABX Air, a subsidiary of the Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), is the only known air cargo carrier transporting primates from China and Southeast Asia to research laboratories in the U.S. So far this year, ABX Air is known to have transported thousands of innocent animals to labs.

ABX Air‘s main business is transporting cargo for DHL, the major international cargo company, and more than half of ABX Air‘s aircraft are painted with DHL‘s colours.

DHL has the power to stop ABX Air‘s animal transports since it is responsible for over half of ABX Air‘s business, so we are demanding that DHL either use its influence to force ABX Air to cease these animal transports or that DHL end their relationship with ABX Air.

SAEN’s Free the Animals Conference included a large protest at the world headquarters of ATSG/ABX Air in Wilmington, OH on Monday, October 13th.

ATSG/ ABX Air World Headquarters in Wilmington, Oh

ATSG/ABX Air World Headquarters in Wilmington, Oh

In Zurich, Switzerland, activists dropped a banner that exposed the relationship between DHL and ATSG on the 13th, followed by a banner drop on the 19th over the freeway that leads to the Hamburg Airport in Germany.

Banner Drop near Hamburg Airport against DHL/ ATSG and Air France/ KLM.

Banner drop near Hamburg Airport against DHL/ATSG and Air France/KLM.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

On October 16th, The Bunny Alliance teamed up with Empty Cages LA and Progress for Science to hold three demonstrations in Southern California against DHL and ABX Air. The day started off with a protest outside of the DHL office in Los Angeles where activists spoke out against DHL’s relationship with ABX Air with bullhorns and a banner that read “DHL & ABX Kill Monkeys!”

Postal Annex in Irvine, CA

Postal Annex in Irvine, CA

Activists then held an outreach event at a DHL Authorized Shipping Center in Irvine. The owner of the Postal Annex expressed that he loves animals and will contact DHL about its involvement in animal experimentation; he also assured us that hardly anyone ships with DHL out of his business. After talking with an overwhelmingly supportive public, activists went to the DHL Worldwide Express Office in Irvine where the manager refused to speak with anyone about DHL’s policies and business relationships.

DHL Worldwide Express Office in Irvine, CA

DHL Worldwide Express Office in Irvine, CA

In San Francisco, activists took to the streets for their second protest at the San Francisco DHL Office  where they hand-delivered a letter Banner SF DHL Demoto DHL employees to inform them about why protesters all over the world are targeting DHL and ABX Air and about the primate trade. Activists greeted DHL drivers as they returned from making their deliveries for the day; many drivers slowed down to read our signs, which they’ll soon get to know by heart as activists plan to be a regular presence at DHL in San Francisco.
DHL group shotIn the Pacific Northwest, activists spoke out against DHL with outreach events in Seattle and Portland. On the 18th, The Bunny Alliance leafleted outside of The Home Office, a DHL Authorized Shipping Center, while Portland Animal Liberation and Portland Animal Welfare Advocates leafleted outside of the Postal Annex to supportive individuals passing by.

Settle event at DHL Authorized Shipping Center.

Seattle event at DHL Authorized Shipping Center.

PAL/ PAWA event at DHL Authorized Shipping Center

PAL/PAWA event at DHL Authorized Shipping Center

The message across the globe is clear: as long as ABX Air transports animals to labs, DHL will be held responsible. Join activists around the world next month for a weekend of action against DHL and ABX Air on November 15th and 16th and organize an event in your city today!

Air France – KLM – Delta Air Lines Actions

Air France is the leading commercial airline that continues to transport primates, dogs, cats, and other animals to laboratories around the world. Global pressure against them is increasing with new organizations popping up nearly monthly to take action against the transport of animals to labs. These groups hold protest and outreach events against Air France, their subsidiary KLM, and their North American representative Delta Air Lines.

On October 11th, Chattahoochee Earth First! organized a protest at10696412_1500470710208966_4069177377555585746_n the home of Richard Anderson, CEO of Delta Air Lines, with a clear message that he will be held personally responsible for Delta’s involvement with Air France and animal experimentation. Multiple demonstrations have already occurred  outside of Anderson’s house because Delta helps to schedule and book Air France flights that are transporting primates to North America; Delta directly profits off of the animal testing industry.

Outside of Delta CEO Richard Anderson's house

Outside of Delta CEO Richard Anderson’s house


San Diego Airport

Protests also occurred across North America at airports. Empty Cages Los Angeles and Progress for Science held an event at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX on October 11th, while the Ottawa Animal Defense League hosted a protest against Delta and Air France in Canada. Progress for Science also organized a protest against Delta Air Lines and Air France at the Minneapolis Airport  on the 12th, and activists held an event at the Delta Terminal of the San Diego Airport in California on October 18th. Following the DHL protest in San Francisco, activists held a protest at the International Terminal of the San Francisco International Terminal to speak out against Delta and Air France.

combined p4s

Left- Minneapolis, Right – Los Angeles

Ottawa Airport in Canada

Ottawa Airport in Canada

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) relaunched their efforts against Air France with a huge protest on October 18th at LAX, where over 30 activists came out in a display of protest and outreach that no international traveler could ignore.

LCA protest against Air France at LAX

LCA protest against Air France at LAX


Nuremberg, Germany

In Europe activists were busy taking action against Air France/KLM with a protest in Lyon, France, on the 11th organized by Air Souffrance Lyon. (The full report can be seen here.) On October 12th Animal Liberation Network held a protest in Hamburg, Germany, while Menschen für Tierrechte Nürnberg e.V. protested in Nuremberg, Germany.  Both of these demonstrations brought out dozens of activists in Germany, one of the most active countries in the Gateway to Hell campaign. The Nuremberg event also featured an activist dressed up as a primate who was being experimented on, strapped to a restraining device, forced to endure implants into their skull, and sliced open before they “died” in a pool of blood on the airport floor.

Lyon, France

Lyon, France

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Nuremberg, Germany.

Nuremberg, Germany.

On October 19th Berlin Animal Liberation Action (Berliner Tierbefreiungsaktion – Berta ) held a protest against Air France/KLM at the Berlin Airport while Tierrechtsgruppe Basel held a demonstration at the Basel Airport in Switzerland where they had large banners and a “primate” and “rabbit” inside a cage to show the public the conditions that many animals in labs face.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

This list of actions is just a short list of what was accomplished during a a single week of action across the world with dozens of other protests and educational events that happened at laboratories, vivisectors’ homes, universities, and breeding facilities. Actions against transportation companies and laboratories are happening every single week all over the world, and by working together we can achieve animal liberation and see an end to animal experimentation, but we need the help of the global community. This is a call to action to activists, animal lovers, environmentalists, and vegans to get out into the streets, make real-world connections, and achieve tangible gains for animals and the earth. Organize today for a better and brighter tomorrow!


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