Happy One Year Anniversary to The Bunny Alliance!

Dear Bunny friends and supporters,

October marked the one year anniversary of The Bunny Alliance! So as we now move into November, we wanted to take a moment to highlight what we have done in our first year and invite you to continue to join us in fighting for animals as we move into the next year.

The start of The Bunny Alliance coincided with the launch of our national campaign against Delta Air Lines for their partnership with Air France, the last commercial airline that continues to fly primates and other animals to labs. Air France was left as the last commercial airline after a major victory against China Southern Airlines, a campaign that Bunny Alliance organizers, along with the international Gateway to Hell network, worked on for over a year.
CSVictorySince last October, we have coordinated demonstrations against Delta throughout the U.S., and activists in Canada have held their own demonstrations in support of the campaign. We have protested at airports, cargo offices, and the homes of the Delta CEO, a board member, and other executives.

To push the campaign further, we organized the Gateway to Hell Tour last winter and traveled to Delta’s hub airports, Atlanta headquarters, and CEO’s house to bring the campaign to their richard day3doorsteps. Over the summer, we organized our second nationwide tour, this time with Resistance Ecology, the Earth First! Journal, and the Civil Liberties Defense Center. This was the Fight or Flight Tour, and we embarked on it in support of the Delta campaign as well as to build solidarity among grassroots activists across the country. This winter, we will set out on a third tour, again in collaboration with Resistance Ecology, to talk with activists from the West to the East coast about creating a national mobilization of grassroots activists working for animal liberation. Watch for announcements about that tour soon!

In addition to working to stop the Air France-Delta partnership from facilitating the torture of animals in labs, we have been campaigning against the Air Transport Services Group, home to the only cargo DCIM100GOPROairlines that transport primates from China and Southeast Asia into the U.S. for labs. We have organized phone and email actions against executives and protested them at their houses, as well as hosted demonstrations at their world headquarters in Wilmington, OH.

In addition to working as a part of the Gateway to Hell network to stop the transport of animals to labs and touring to strengthen campaigns and the animal liberation movement, we worked abx headquarters protestwithStop Animal Exploitation Now to host the biggest Primate Liberation Week ever, with dozens of events against animal testing spanning several countries. The week highlighted work being done to both stop the transport of animals to labs and to stop labs from continuing business as usual.

Unfortunately the year also brought some stress and heartache when one of our organizers and best friends, Tyler Lang, and our good friend Kevin Olliff were indicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for allegedly releasing mink and fox from fur farms. We have been working to support them as their case approaches trial, and we hope that their case is a reminder to everyone that—in addition to showing solidarity with the animals—we have to show each other love and support in the face of State repression. The best way to fight back against government and corporate efforts to stop activism is to show them that we will unite in struggle and never back down from the fight for animal liberation.
Supportstorebanner2Even though The Bunny Alliance is still a young group, we have been grateful for the international support we’ve received for the work we are doing, from our campaigns to support for Kevin and Tyler. We were excited to have been invited to speak at the Resistance Ecology, Free the Animals, and Animal Rights National Conferences. And we have been excited for all the discussions we’ve had with people during tour workshops, at protests, over phone and email…all of it showing us how much so many of you care about actively working to save animals from labs and other forms of exploitation. We are dedicated to continuing the work for animal liberation, and we encourage you to all join us in learning how to be more effective, strategic, and passionate in our fights.

This month Gateway to Hell and Stop Vivisection are organizing an dhlweekendofaction1international weekend of action against DHL and ATSG/ABX Air on November 15th and 16th. Join us and your local Gateway to Hell activists in San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, and Los Angeles, or plan an event in your city!

This weekend of action will be followed by an international week of action against the transport of animals to labs from December 6-14, targeting both the Air France/KLM/Delta group and ATSG/ABX Air/DHL. We are encouraging groups and individuals to hold protests and outreach events at airports, corporate offices, cargo offices, executives’ neighborhoods, and shipping centers.

IWOA 2014 WebsiteYou all have helped make The Bunny Alliance’s first year more amazing than we could have ever imagined, and we are excited to embrace the next year to do even more for animals. Join us!

In solidarity,

Amanda and Jordan
The Bunny Alliance








P.S. If you’d like to make a donation to support our continued work for animals, you can do so online here.