International Weekend of Action Against DHL-ATSG Report Back


The Stop Vivisection campaign initiated a weekend of action against animal experiments transports on November 15th and 16th, 2014. The focus of the weekend of action was DHL and ATSG/ ABX Air for their commercial policy on transporting animals to laboratory experiments . Together with the international Gateway to Hell network, activists mobilized for the first time a weekend of action against DHL to request the transportation of animals to labs by ATSG stop immediately!

The DHL service Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) is the last company in the world which transports monkeys across the pacific ocean to U.S. animal testing laboratories. In 2014 thousands of primates have already been transported for experimental purposes by ATSG.

On November 15 and 16, 2014actions took placeinGermany, Austriaand Switzerland as well as across the United States and Canada. A complete overviewof the actionslistedhereinthe Chronicle.


Action at a DHL shipping center in San Francisco, USA

These are the demands addressed to DHL: DHL should use their influence with ATSG to persuade them to stop the deadly monkeys transports. Alternatively DHL should suspend contracts with ATSG until the cruel animal experiments transports are terminated. Profiting off of Cruelty to Animals through a business partnership is unacceptable!

There are many reasons why animal testing is still possible, one of them being the partnership between DHL and ATSG, which allows immense animal suffering in U.S. animal testing laboratories. If DHL were to cease cooperation with ATSG, the vivisection industry would have a big problem.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

In the German-speaking countries, the following forms of action have been chosen for the protest: there was a national telephone and online action, various protests at DHL offices, information desks in city centers, a demonstration in front of a DHL logistics center, flyers actions and a rally in front of the post office Tower in Bonn. Thus, a total of 11 actions came together in Hamburg, Bochum, Vienna, Bonn, Zurich, Rüdersdorf, Lüneburg, Guntramsdorf and Bremen.

On Thursday, November 13, a large telephone and cyber action was organized where a large number of animal lovers opposed to animal experimentation participated. Just the event page for Germany had more than 1,600 people had registered to participate, where the participants contacted DHL to make their demands clear.
This was followed up with a lot of communications – by phone, e-mail, fax, Facebook chat as well as other social networks where DHL was asked to stop the deadly monkeys transports. Similar actions took place in Switzerland and France.

On Friday, November 14 activists had flyer actions in Vienna and Guntramsdorf in Austria.
At both sites, the present DHL employees and passers-by were informed about DHL’s involvement with respect to animal testing. In addition, the adjacent shops were supplied with flyers.

Saturday, November 15th

On Saturday, the weekend of action finally launched officially. In Lüneburg DHL was met with 20 activists demanding them to stop their services of transporting animals to labs immediately. The Aktionsgruppe Nord started off with a high traffic German Post DHL office for their rally and gained a lot of attention. There were quite a few passersby, customers, and employees who were informed about DHL’s involvement with ATSG.

Also on November 15, the Berliner Tierbefreiungsaktion (BerTA) had a rally outside the DHL logistics center in Rüdersdorf. Over
17 opponents to animal experiment gathered, chanted slogans, and handed out flyers to DHL representatives. In addition, the deputy head of the cargo center photographed the demonstration and assured that they would forward the images to the DHL office.

In addition, Tierversuchsgegner Berlin-Brandenburg protested in front of a DHL office in Berlin’s Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. They handed out flyers and informed passersby about weekend of action against the transport of animals to labs.

Further north, the Hamburg group Animal Liberation Network also held a rally in front of a DHL office. Thirteen activists demonstrated in Hamburg-Wandsbek with signs and flyers for an end to the transportation of animals to labs and against animal testing in general.
At about the same time a banner speaking out against DHL was installed in a prominent location in Zurich.


Protest in Hamburg


Banner drop in Zurich

In Bochum on November 15 there was a vigil and an info table to inform the public about the relationship between DHL service and ATSG. It involved the groups  die tierbefreier Bochum, Ärzte gegen Tierversuche – AG Ruhrpott (Doctors Against Animal Experiments), Animal Rights Watch – Ruhrgebiet and Aktiv für Tierrechte Wuppertal.

In Bonn, there was a small action on Saturday in front of the Post Office Tower. There lies the headquarters of German Post DHL. During the action a representative also came out to speak with the activists. In addition, in Bremen city center, an information table was present with both flyers about DHL-ABX Air and Air France-KLM.

Bonn 15.11.

Sunday, November 16

On Sunday, the group Animal Liberation Network again had the opportunity to draw attention to the cruel business of DHL and ATSG/ABX Air. At the Hamburg airport a vigil as held at the terminal for several hours, which addressed the transport of animal experiments by ATSG/ ABX Air.

United States and Canada

Even in the United States there was strong mobilization for the DHL weekend of action. There have been multiple demonstrations DHL Authorized Shipping Centers, in front of several DHL office locations, and at airports. This weekend proved once again that The Bunny Alliance network will continue to pressure DHL and ATSG until the primates transported for laboratory use are a set free once and for all!

On November 15th in San Francisco, Animal Defense League San Francisco (ADLSF) and The Bunny Alliance organized several demonstrations outside DHL Authorized shipping centers. Activists leafleted outside of The Postal Chase on Divisadero St. and Mail Access on Market Street, and in Los Angeles opponents to animal experimentation hit the road: The organization Progress for Science organized an action at Box Brothers Shipping Center, a DHL Authorized Shipping Center. Activists were equipped with flyers and signs reading: DHL + ATSG = partners in animal abuse!

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Furthermore, Animal Connection of Texas held a demonstration in Irving, Texas where Air Transport International has one of its main offices. ATI is an airline owned by ATSG and has been known to transport primates to animal testing laboratories as recently as this year. ATI was givin an official warning by the USDA for being in violation of animal welfare regulations. The official report stated:

A non-human primate identified by number 897 written on the enclosure, was transported from China to IAH, Houston Intercontinental Airport. After offloading the animal was observed to have several small lacerations on the face.

Animal Connection of Texas at ATI’s office in Irving

In Canada in Kitchener, Ontario, autonomous activists protested inside of a DHL shipping center. The employees nerves were obviously shaken as activists described how DHL is involved in animal torture and the egregious practices of animal labs. If DHL continues to deny its responsibility, as is to be expected, actions of this kind are sure to continue in the future …

Great support also came from the Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance of Denver, which also held an action outside of a DHL Shipping Center despite the freezing temperature.


The response so far from DHL:

On November 15, 2014, the company DHL announced the following; the letter was forwarded to Stop Vivisection:

“Dear Customer,

Thanks for sending us your request. We will gladly resolve your concerns in the coming days to your satisfaction and answer.

In some exceptional cases may be necessary in your best interest to clarify a request a more detailed search. In this case, we ask for your patience and thank you in advance for your understanding. Once we have received to date information, we will inform you accordingly immediately.

With best regards,
Your team DHL ”

It is now November 25, 2014 and DHL has still not replied to the contact person. We wonder how much time DHL needs for their “detailed search”?

It is time that DHL is aware of its responsibility! We are eager to know when DHL and ATSG finally comes to their senses and the Animal Experimentation transports stop once and for all!

Many thanks to all who have contributed to the campaign weekend! Once again it proved proved: the protest movement is alive! The next few months will be exciting – we still have many actions to come!

Until every cage is empty!

[Report back from Stop Vivisection]