Delta protest at the Chicago O’Hare Airport

On November 22nd the Center for Ethical Science joined the Gateway to Hell campaign with a protest outside of Delta Airlines’ Cargo office at the Chicago O’Hare international  Airport.  Activists are putting pressure on Delta because of their partnership with Air France, the last remaining commercial airline transporting animals for animal experimentation.  The O’Hare airport is the last airport where primates are being imported into the U.S. by Air France, and Delta Airlines is responsible for helping Air France schedule those flights that have primates inside the cargo holds.

Over a dozen protesters gathered at the Delta cargo office to let Delta employees know that their company is involved in the vivisection  industry by helping Air France transport dogs, cats, primates, and other animals to laboratories where they are tortured and killed. Two activists were able to speak with a few polite Delta employees who were shocked to learn of Delta’s involvement with Air France and that Air France is bringing the animals into the very airport that they work at.

The protest received positive media coverage in local news on WGN TV, where activists where filmed chanting and holding signs while one activists explained why Delta and Air France are being protested. Delta refused to comment on the protest or their complacency in helping Air France keep animal experimentation alive.  A video of the news report can be viewed by clicking here.

The Center for Ethical Science will continue to target Delta Airlines and Air France in Chicago, where O’hare is the main port of entry for the research industry, until Air France stops all shipments of animals to labs.

They will also be hosting a protest/ outreach event on Saturday December 13th as part of an International Week of Action against transporting animals to labs, this time targeting ATSG and DHL. For more information see the event page here.