December Week of Action: U.S. Report Back

From December 6th-14th, activists from around the world organized an International Week of Action against transporting animals to labs.

The main targets for this Week of Action were Air France and their partners Delta Air Lines and KLM, the last commercial airline group that still transports primates and other animals to laboratories.

Here are report backs from actions across the U.S.:

Portland, OR:

On December 13th, Portland Animal Liberation activists came to the airport to protest Delta and Air France, in front of the Delta ticketing counter. We set up numerous signs and a banner while speaking to the public about the lab animal trade and Delta’s choice to facilitate it. A good number of people took flyers and seemed interested in getting more information. Even airport employees gave their support and thanked us for doing this work.


Windsor Locks, CT:

Activists with CTARN, Western Masachusetes Animal Rights Advocates (WMARA), and Animal Advocates of Smith College held a protest at the Delta Air Lines Cargo Office at the Bradley International Airport. The message is simple: Delta, convince Air France to stop transporting animals to labs or you will continue to see global pressure.


Los Angeles, CA:

Empty Cages Los Angeles and Progress for Science held a loud protest on December 7th at the Air France Terminal of the Los Angeles International Airport. Dozens of activists attended with signs and bullhorns to remind Air France and their patrons that Los Angeles activists will not back down and will continue to pressure on any airline transporting animals.



Denver, CO:

Activists with the Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance protested against Delta Air Lines because of their partnership with Air France. Activists held signs and handed out information about Delta’s involvement with animal cruelty outside of their ticket counter at the Denver International Airport.

No New Animal Lab

During the International Week of Action against transporting animals to labs, activists in the U.S. were busy organizing on the No New Animal Lab campaign to stop the construction of a new underground animal lab at the University of Washington. Activists in nine cities across the country organized actions against Skanska USA, the company contracted to build the lab, urging them to cut their contracts and immediately cease plans to build the lab. The full report from the National Day of Action can be seen at