Over 130 people at large human chain of lights against Air France and DHL at Bremen Airport


Once again activists drew attention to each animal experiment transporter with a particular action. At the end of the extremely rich protest campaign in 2014, activists inside the campaign have called for a human chain of lights at Bremen Airport. More than 130 animal rights and opponents of animal experiments from northern Germany gathered on December 28 with Tierrechtsgruppe Bremen und Umgebung (TRIBU), which organizes monthly vigils at Bremen City Airport. With grave lights and posters they formed a human chain that extended through more than half of the airport.In addition, some activist gained attention inside with stage theater performance. This stunt involved “Researchers” in lab coats and about 15 volunteers wearing monkey, dog, and cat masks across the airport to finally capture and symbolically inject with oversized syringes – just like in the ugly reality of laboratories – to torture.

After about two hours, the activists eventually gathered for a short protest march in the direction of the nearby DHL Cargo Center. In contrast to the silent memorial lights chain there is now – reinforced by several Megaphones – loud chants voicing their concerns. Again and again the shouts of the demonstrators ask for an end on animal transport and the fastest possible exit from the outdated research approach to cruel animal testing.

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In front of the office building, the lights are stored. These now form a sad monkey face as it could have come from any of the tens of thousands annually caught in the narrow shipping crates. In a speech made to the DHL service partner ATSG, a great apes booing sound could be heard. Airfreight company ATSG play a role in the global trade of animals for animal experiments only recently. After numerous victories as well as all passenger flight airlines stopping the service, expensive charter planes must be rented separately. The lucrative nature of animal testing suffers accordingly – all the more important DHL should make their business partners stop participating in the trade. This trend would still be fired and urge those present, both DHL and Air France-KLM as the world’s last remaining passenger airline to end of the transports immediately. This is a crisis for the vivisection industry – and they admit it themselves.

In the airport, beer tent sets up a good breakfast in the buffet table to build momentum in the meantime. After at least as loud a march back into the airport building, more participants can be expected since there is a pet-friendly – vegan Christmas buffet . With intimate exchange they make the next scheduled dates at airports such as Bremen , Hannover , Hamburg and Berlin. A majority of those present will be in one of the next actions here . And so the demo in Bremen is just another temporary head of the climate change- resistant iceberg of worldwide protests against the so-called death flights of animals used for experiments.

Visit Stop Vivisection for more information, and check out the German report back here.

Many thanks to all who gave animals a voice on that day!