March Against Air France Report Back

On March 28th, 2015, Progress for Science, The Bunny Alliance, and Empty Cages LA reignited the Gateway to Hell campaign in Los Angeles with a march against Air France through LAX International Airport. Veteran activists alongside dozens of new faces met up at the international terminal to bring attention to Air France’s despicable business practices.


Air France is the last commercial airline that continues to transport primates, dogs, cats, and other animals to animal testing facilities all around the world. Air France imports around 1,200 primates every other week into the United States alone, all of which are coming in through the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

The march was also organized in solidarity with those who face discrimination and deportation at the hands of the French State with full cooperation from Air France-KLM. While Air France transports primates to labs in the cargo holds of their commercial passenger flights, they deport migrants and asylum seekers, shackled and drugged, and forced onto the same passenger flights at gunpoint. As animal liberation activists we seek not only the end to the exploitation of non-human animals but the end of the exploitation of human animals and the end to States.


The demonstration started outside of Air France’s ticketing counters at the International Terminal with activists wielding signs, banners, bullhorns, and leaflets. Banners and signs exposed Air France-KLM and Delta Air Line’s partnership and involvement is transporting animals to laboratories while travelers were educated with leaflets and conversations with activists. Air France and other airlines complained multiple times to airport police that the noise generated from the protest was disrupting their ability to communicate with customers as chants could be heard throughout the inside and outside of the terminal.


After over an hour and a half of loud chanting and speak outs the march began. Behind a banner that read “Delta Air Lines and Air France: Partners in Animal Cruelty” activists began to march through the Tom Bradley International Terminal and past the Air France ticketing counters where Air France-KLM employees and customers all had looks of shock and disgust on their faces after seeing what Air France does to animals. The march proceeded through the international terminal and kept marching towards Delta’s domestic terminal, putting the airport police into a bit of a panic not knowing where the activists were going.

The protest continued at the Delta Terminal, exposing Delta Air Line’s intimate partnership with Air France and their involvement in helping Air France import animals for vivisection. The march went on inside the Delta terminal past all of their ticketing counters and back to the International terminal, marching past Air France customers and employees once more before returning to chants and speak outs outside of the terminal where the sound from bullhorns and activists’ voices echoed throughout the corridor.


This action was made possible because of the coordination between various animal liberation groups and the support from the local and international animal rights community. Actions and protests took place across the globe on the same day in Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, France as well as Munich, Frankfurt Hanover, and Zurich , with more actions the following day in Vancouver, Hamburg, and Bremen.

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The Gateway to Hell campaign is alive and well across the globe, and Air France won’t have any rest until they put a stop to transporting animals to labs for good.


Activists in Lyon, France had a banner drop against Air France in solidarity with the March Against Air France in Los Angeles. From Air Souffrance – Lyon:

In support of the March Against Air France at LAX, two banners have been shown next to the commercial agency to denounce Air France’s implication in the vivisection industry.


Progress for Science and Empty Cages LA have another demo planned at LAX for April 25th: Event page


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