The Bunny Alliance strives to achieve tangible gains for animals, humans, and the environment, and believes in doing so through strategic pressure to reach real world goals. Below are a few of the strategic campaigns that we actively organize on to achieve animal liberation.

Gateway To Hell


Gateway to Hell is a strategic campaign to end the transport of animals to laboratories. This has been one of the most successful anti-vivisection Campaigns in the world, leading to nearly every commercial airline in the world  to stop transporting primates and other animals to vivisection labs. Currently Air France is the only commercial airline transporting animals to labs, with Air Transport Services Group (ASTG) and  their partners ABX Air/ ATI/ DHL as the last airline transporting primates across the Pacific Ocean.

Visit and for more information.

No New Animal Lab


 The No New Animal Lab Campaign is a campaign to stop the construction of a new underground animal experimentation laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle. Currently the campaign is targeting and pressuring Skanska USA, the construction company contracted to build the lab, to cancel their contracts and halt construction immediately.

For more information visit

Whole Foods Cruelty

Wait-babybunnybannerThe Whole Foods Cruelty campaign is an effort to get whole foods to stop selling rabbit meat in all of their stores.
This campaign recognizes that all animals’ lives matter; however, this is an opportune time to stop Whole Foods’ trial rabbit meat program and stop the rabbit meat industry dead in their tracks before another animal species is subjected to becoming a staple in the “standard U.S. diet”.


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