World Week for Animals In Labs – Event Announcements!


Hello Bunny Alliance friends, supporters, and comrades!

We are excited to announce a long list of World Week for Animals In Labs demonstrations that are heavily centered around the Gateway to Hell campaign and putting a permanent end to the transport of animals to labs! Over the next week, activists across the U.S. will be protesting Air France, Delta Air Lines, and ABX Air for their involvement in animal transport at international airports, office headquarters, and cargo offices—all letting these airlines know that activists everywhere are uniting to hold them accountable for facilitating animal torture. Please see below for a full list of World Week demonstrations organized by The Bunny Alliance, as well as our friends at Progress for Science, Portland Animal Liberation, Last Chance for Animals, Georgia Animal Rights, Friends of Animals United, and in South Florida.

Since the launch of our campaign against Delta Air Lines, three new groups of activists have stepped up to start organizing demonstrations and are participating in World Week. The Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance in Denver and The Raven Coalition in Philadelphia formed and have started having Delta protests; and in Ohio, Bunny Alliance supporters have been having regular office and home protests against ABX Air, one of the biggest transporters of primates into the U.S. We have been honored to support these activists in becoming organizers, and we encourage you all to support them and get out to their demonstrations.

If you would like to get involved in organizing your own demonstrations, please contact us at and we are happy to provide support and resources. And if you are able to donate to support The Bunny Alliance in our continued work to support other activists and campaign to stop the transport of animals to labs, please visit our donate page here.

Please get out to World Week demonstrations, invite your friends, and spread the word! Animals are locked in cargo holds and cages as you read this, and they need you to fight for them.

In solidarity,

The Bunny Alliance
Demonstration List:
[for additional demonstrations, see IDA's list of events and Stop Animal Exploitation Now]


Progress for Science: Neighborhood Vigil for International Day in Honor of Britches
When: Sunday, April 20, 7:00pm
Where: Meet at Native Foods Cafe in Westwood – 1114 Gayley Ave., Los Angeles
Event Page: Here

The Bunny Alliance: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ Delta Cargo Office
When: Monday, April 21, 11:00am
Where: Delta Cargo Office at LAX – 11101 Aviation Blvd., Los Angeles
Event Page: Here

Last Chance for Animals (LCA): Protest Against Air France @ LAX
When: Saturday, April 26, 12:30pm
Where: LAX Airport – Tom Bradley International Terminal, Departures
Event Page: Here

The Bunny Alliance: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ LAX
When: Sunday, April 27, 11:00am
Where: LAX Airport – Delta Terminal 5, Departures
Event Page: Here

The Bunny Alliance: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ SFO
When: Sunday, April 27, 11:30am
Where: SFO Airport – International Terminal, Departures
Event Page: Here


The Bunny Alliance with Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ DIA
When: Saturday, April 19, 2:00pm
Where: DIA Airport – Terminal East Departures
Event Page: Here


South Florida Activists: Demo at the Home of Worldwide Primates President Brooke Block
When: Sunday, April 27, 2:00pm
Where: 11305 SW 67th Ave., Pinecrest
Event Page: Here


The Bunny Alliance with Georgia Animal Rights: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ Delta Headquarters
When: Friday, April 25
Where: Delta Corporate Headquarters – 1030 Delta Blvd, Atlanta
Event Page: Here

New York:

Friends of Animal United New York (FAUN): Demonstration at Air France Executive Office
When: Friday, April 25, 5:00pm
Where: Air France Executive Office – 125 West 55th St., New York
Event Page: Here
The Bunny Alliance with Portland Animal Liberation: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ PDX
When: Thursday, April 24, 7:00pm
Where: PDX Airport – North indoor breezeway between the United Airlines & Delta Air Lines ticket counters
Event Page: Here


Supports of The Bunny Alliance: Protest Against ABX Air
When: Wednesday, April 23, 4:00pm
Where: ABX Air Office, Wilmington Air Park – 145 Hunter Drive, Wilmington
Event Page: Here


The Bunny Alliance with The Raven Coalition: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ PHL
When: Sunday, April 27, 11:00am
Where: PHL Airport – Terminal D
Event Page: Here


The Bunny Alliance: Protest Against Delta Air Lines @ Delta Cargo Office
When: Saturday, April 26, 1:00pm
Where: Delta Cargo Office – 18627 28th Ave. S, Seattle
Event Page: Here

Announcing the Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance!

April 12, 2014- A group of organizers affiliated with Rocky Mountain Animal Defense Alliance (RMADA) and supporters of the Bunny Alliance held a demonstration at Denver International Airport (DIA) in response to Delta Airlines’ close partnership with Air France. Air France is one of the last airlines to continue shipping primates and other animals to animal testing facilities in the United States.


Though their presence was small, RMADA evoked an overwhelmingly positive response from travelers. Almost all were shocked and horrified by Delta’s relationship with Air France and many vowed they would no longer fly Delta and were eager to contact airline officials.


This is the first of many demonstrations planned by the fledgling organization surrounding Delta and Air France. As a part of World Week for Animals in Labs, RMADA will be holding a vigil in remembrance of each creature lost to the horrific practice of vivisection at DIA on April 19 at 1:00pm.

Event Page for the April 19th Demo in Denver: Click Here


The Bunny Alliance in Paris!

A dozen activists with Air Souffrance held a demonstration in Paris on April 5th at the the Air France office at the Opera Agency, a major thoroughfare and tourist area in Paris. The demo was used to raise awareness about Air France’s involvement with vivisection as the last commercial airline to continue transporting animals to labs.


Friends of The Bunny Alliance printed out Bunny Alliance signs to bring to the demo and expose the relationship between Delta and Air France. Since the event took place in a high-traffic tourist area, many English-speaking and U.S. tourists stopped to speak with the activists about Air France’s practice of shipping animals to labs and Delta’s involvement in facilitating this gateway to hell for the animals.

Watch the video below, and feel free to print out signs and literature from out webpage. Click HERE for signs and leaflets.

Animal Liberation Forum — recap and announcements!

The Bunny Alliance recently spent the weekend in Southern California for the Animal Liberation Forum, which included a day of tabling and panels as well as a demonstration against Delta Air Lines.


Throughout the Forum, we had a table set up with information about The Bunny Alliance, the Gateway to Hell network, our recent victory against China Southern Airlines, and our ongoing campaign against Delta Air Lines and Air France. We also had poster flyers from the Civil Liberties Defense Center about what to do if State agents come to your door, as well as leaflets about how animals are exploited by the factory farming industries and the importance of being vegan for them.


In addition to having a table, we also spoke on a panel at the Forum. The Bunny Alliance organizers talked to a full room about our campaign against Delta and the broader importance of engaging in strategic campaigns. We encouraged people to get involved—both to challenge the corporate power to exploit others and on behalf of all the animals who are suffering and desperately need our devotion to working for their liberation—and we were excited to see the response. New and seasoned activists let us know how much they appreciated our words and support the campaign, and people who haven’t been involved in activism for years let us know that our campaign is bringing them back. Our panel concluded with the exciting announcement of our follow up to our winter tour. The Bunny Alliance, in a partnership with Resistance Ecology and with the support of additional groups, will be hitting the road again this summer to protest Delta at strategic locations as well as to work with other animal liberation groups and build relationships with environmental and other social justice activists.

One of The Bunny Alliance organizers also spoke on a panel with members of Resistance Ecology, the Food Empowerment Project, and the Earth First! Journal about coalition building. The panel addressed the importance of building strong relationships between individual activists as well as between groups, both within and outside the animal liberation movement.


The Forum weekend concluded with a power demonstration, co-hosted by Forum-organizers Empty Cages Los Angeles, against Delta at LAX. The energy from the Forum and our panel about the campaign carried into the demonstration—over thirty people attended and carried on the protest past its scheduled end time, and many of the people wore Bunny Alliance shirts and had Bunny Alliance stickers on their megaphones and water bottles. Chants and monologues about Delta’s and Richard Anderson’s involvement in animal torture echoed through the terminal, with eight people chanting through megaphones at a time and two people blowing whistles in time with the chants. We again reminded the Delta employees that we are not protesting them, but that we are asking that Delta’s executives and board members convince Air France to stop transporting animals to labs. We asked the employees to join us in this request, and we even watched as one employee behind a Delta ticket counter chanted along with us and smiled and waved to us when we gave him a thumbs up.


Our protest was not only visited by many concerned travelers who care about animals, but by celebrities who wanted to show their support of ianthe campaign against Delta and the transport of animals to labs. Def-Jam co-founder Russell Simmons took a photo with a protester and her sign, and he later posted the photo on his Instagram page. Actor Ian Somerhalder filmed part of the demonstration, and then posted the video clip on his Instagram and commented, “Wow. This is a bummer… Do we really need to test on animals still? We can send missions to mars yet we still test on animals-guess what? It’s NOT NECESSARY!!!! We know this like we know the earth is round… Primates should be in trees. Not in labs.” His post received international media coverage, with articles on both and the, as well as over 103,000 “likes” on Instagram. The word about Delta is rapidly spreading…

Our weekend at the Animal Liberation Forum and the spread of energy and awareness that came from it is an indication of the power that is building among grassroots activists.

Upcoming Demo at the Denver International Airport!

While on the Winter Gateway to Hell Tour, The Bunny Alliance connected with local activists in Denver, CO to hold a demonstration against Delta Air Lines at the Denver International Airport. The event was cover by The Denver Post both online and in print.

We are excited to announce that activists we met in Denver are kicking off their own protests against Delta on Saturday, April 12th!


Join local activists in Denver for a protest against Delta’s involvement in the flying of primates, dogs, and other animals to labs where they are tortured and killed.

Date: April 12th

Demonstration against Delta Air Lines:
Time: 1 pm to 3 pm
Location: Denver International Airport
Meeting Location: Please meet up at the Terminal East in front of the Delta Ticketing area outside.

Note: Leaflets will be provided, as well as some signs.
Please feel free to make your own signs or download signs to print: here.

Facebook Event Page: Here.

Actor Ian Somerhalder Speaks out against Anaimal Testing and Delta Airlines

During a protest against Delta Air Lines and Air France on March 23rd a few celebrities stopped by to show their support.

Ian Somerhalder stands against animal testing

Ian Somerhalder on Animal Testing: “It’s NOT NECESSARY!!!!”

by Natalia Galbetti Ian Somerhalder is always using his reach on social media to promote environmental and animal rights issues. This time, he’s tackling the use of animals in scientific research.

“The Vampire Diaries” star instagramed a video of a protest against Delta Airlines, a partner of Air France, which still flies animals like dogs and primates to take them to labs where they’ll be used as test subjects. They are put in the cargo holds in wooden crates and proceed to labs where they are legally tortured during tests.

“Wow. This is a bummer… Do we really need to test on animals still? We can send missions to mars yet we still test on animals-guess what? It’s NOT NECESSARY!!!!,” wrote the 35-year-old whose non profit organization is raising funds to open an animal sanctuary for abused animals. “We know this like we know the earth is round… Primates should be in trees. Not in labs.”

The video, which doesn’t show Somerhalder himself on camera, features a number of protesters holding up signs with messages like “Boycott Delta and Air France” and “Air France Stop Shipping Primates To Their Death.”

The same day Russell Simmons stopped by the protest, posing for a picture with an LA activist and urging Delta Air Lines to cut their ties with animal testing on his Instagram.


Phone Action Against ABX Air!


Call ABX Air Today!
New numbers will be posted at the top of every hour!

Joe Payne: ABX air Executive – Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Cell: 937-725-8352

Round 7 Phone Numbers:
Kyle Murphy: Supervisor and Auditor
Debbie Wilson: Buyer, Purchasing’s

Round 6 Phone Numbers:
Jean Radcliffe: Contract Administrator
+1.937.382.5591 Ext. 63457
Penny Tira: Sales Representative

Round 5 Phone Numbers:
David Sikorski: +1.937.302.9103
Quint Turner, Chief Financial Officer: +1.937.366.2303

Round 4 Phone Numbers:
Joe Payne: +1-937-382-5591 ext: 62686
Steve Sager: +1-937-382-5591 ext: 62380

Round Three Phone Numbers:
Steve Hanshew: +1-937-382-5591 ext. 62942
David Sikorski, Manager, Charter Sales: +1.937.302.9103

Round Two Phone Numbers:
Eric Plas: +1-937-366-2478
Catherine Rettich:+1-937-366-2444

Round One Phone Numbers:
Gail Paetzel: +1.937.725.8866
Barbara Brooks: Phone: +1.937.366.2499 Fax: +1.937.366.3234

Facebook Event Page
Check back every hour for new numbers!

ABX AIR, a subsidiary of Air Transport Service Group (ATSG), has been caught transporting thousands of primates from breeding facilities in China and Cambodia to animal testing labs in the United States. ABX Air is the top transporter of primates from Asia into the United States now that China Southern Airlines has decided to ban all primate transports. Last year ABX Air imported thousands of primates into the U.S., and so ABX Air bears responsibility for the torture and deaths of these animals in labs.

The growing trend within the aviation industry is for airlines to refuse shipments of animal to labs, and almost every airline in the world has put forward policies banning the practice. It’s time for ABX Air to follow suit and stop engaging in the cruel practice of transporting animals to labs.

The Gateway to Hell network has repeatedly succeeded and these phone actions have a huge impact, so start making those calls!

Please keep all communications polite and factual at all times!

SAMPLE MESSAGE, (edit for more impact):

Dear Air Transport Services representative;

I have been horrified to discover that one of your subsidiary companies has accepted a contract to transport a huge number of mon_keys from Ch_ina to the United States in order for them to be exper_imented upon in res_earch lab_oratories!

Monk_eys in laborat_ories suffer unimaginable cru_elty in exper_iments which have little if any benefit for human health. The mac_aque mon_keys you transport have a comparable awareness of a three year-old human child, so, as you can imagine, they are capable of extraordinary levels of mental suffering.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms not to transport these ani_mals, and instead I ask you to reconsider you to ban the transportation of rese_arch
pri_mates as so many other air cargo carriers have!

Please take a stand against ani_mal crue_lty by cancelling any planned ship_ments of pri_mates and making a pledge not to transport res_earch
prima_tes in future.

Yours sincerely,


EMAILS, (send one email to each block):
===================================,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jim.o’

ABX Air Office Demo in Ohio!

On March 25, 2014, supporters of The Bunny Alliance held a demonstration at the office of ABX Air in Wilmington, OH. ABX Air is an air transport company that has been caught shipping thousands of primates from China and Cambodia to animal testing labs inside the United States. Since China Southern Airlines recently decided to stop transporting primates for the research industry, ABX Air is now the main importer of primates from Chinese breeding facilities.


Concerned members of the public have been asking ABX Air to follow the lead of almost all other airlines and refuse to ship animals to labs. However, ABX Air continues to participate in this cruelty, so The Bunny Alliance supporters went to ABX Air’s headquarters to demand that they stop shipping primates to laboratories and enact a permanent ban on all shipments of animals to labs. Airport officials were waiting for activists when they arrived at the office complex. When they attempted to enter the complex to find the ABX office, two officials asked if the activists were with The Bunny Alliance. The airport officials showed the activists the designated free-speech area on the sidewalk in front of the building. The activists held signs and chanted as airport and airline employees walked by on their way to the parking lot at the end of the work day. The activists also took advantage of the walls and lamp posts inside the designated area to display more signs and were able to gather many on-lookers from inside the building.


Actions such as these will continue until ABX Air and their parent company, ATSG, enact a permanent ban on transporting animals to labs. ABX Air: As the main importer of primates from China, you have become the focus of animal rights activists around the country and the world.



Victory! China Southern Airlines Stops Shipping Primates!



We have received official word that China Southern Airlines, the last commercial airline willing to transport primates out of China for vivisection laboratories, has conceded to the demands of activists and stopped shipping primates! The Bunny Alliance–along with other Gateway to Hell activists, PETA, PETA Asia-Pacific, Empty Cages Los Angeles, Last Chance for Animals, Anonymous, and many other activists around the world–pressured China Southern with demonstrations at offices and airport terminals, phone and email actions, office invasions, and the constant reminder that activists everywhere were not going to back down until the airline stopped facilitating the torture of primates. Members of The Bunny Alliance launched the Los Angeles area branch of the China Southern campaign with ECLA, and The Bunny Alliance has been excited to be a part of the broad network of activists that made this victory possible.

While we are happy that China Southern Airlines finally decided to make the ethical and intelligent decision to stop transporting primates to laboratories, we cannot forget that countless animals–not only primates, but bunnies, mice, dogs, pigs, cats, and many others–are still imprisoned in labs and subjected to daily tortures. We must continue to work tirelessly and in alliance with each other for the liberation of all animals, and take this victory as a reminder that we have the power to bring the corporations that profit off of the exploitation of animals to their knees.

Air France, with the support of its partner Delta Air Lines, is now the last remaining major commercial airline that transports primates to laboratories. Let’s show them what it means to fight for the lives and liberation of animals and make them stop.

Join our campaign against Delta Air Lines and the broader Gateway to Hell effort against Air France.

Demo Report: March 5th, 2014

1026063_10201701532845027_1438444477_oOn March 5th 2014, The Bunny Alliance and Empty Cages Los Angeles hosted a protest outside of the China Southern Airlines (CSA) office in Los Angeles for the second week in a row.

The Demonstration began at 10:30 am with the sound of sirens from the six megaphones being used followed by chants and speak-outs about CSA’s cruel business practices and continued involvement in the transportation of animals to vivisection labs. This carried on for about an hour before the police showed up on the scene due to noise complaints. They claimed that there have been numerous calls from tenants in the building as well as businesses surrounding the China Southern Airline’s office and demanded that the activists turn off the megaphones. After around 30 minutes of negotiations between the police and activists no resolution was found and the police assured the activists that if the megaphones were not turned off, that they would start handing out citations. The activists decided to turn off the megaphones for the day, but were not deterred and carried on with the protest for over an hour.

1015923_10201701501364240_1853830391_oChina Southern Airlines is the last remaining commercial airliner actively transporting animals from China to animal testing labs around the world. They have been a target in Los Angeles for the past 7 months and have been contacted by thousands of compassionate people around the world to stop shipping animals, yet they still continue to transport 1,200 animals to their deaths every month. With numbers like these we cannot ignore the urgency to act. Enough is enough.



1836749_10201701492404016_1890249649_oCome out to our next protest against China Southern Airlines March 12th, 2014 at 10:30am at 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90048. The clock is ticking for the animals awaiting CSA’s next shipment. Let’s make sure we give them a fighting chance.

For the Animals,

The Bunny Alliance and Empty Cages Los Angeles




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