Announcement from The Bunny Alliance


A couple years ago, a group of friends decided to start a group to support the efforts of the Gateway to Hell campaign in the U.S. and to build a network of grassroots animal liberation activists. After a lot of brainstorming, they decided to name that group The Bunny Allianceā€¦and that was the start of an adventure.

Since that time, The Bunny Alliance organized many protests as part of the Gateway to Hell campaign and supported the efforts of the campaign in Europe, as well as crossed the country on national tours to build relationships with activists in all corners of the U.S. The Bunny Alliance became more than a group of friends, but a group in which people found inspiration.

And The Bunny Alliance inspired us. It inspired us to think bigger about what we could do as part of the animal liberation movement, and it inspired us to believe more deeply than we ever had before in being able to strategically fight back against corporations that profit off the torture and death of animals.

That inspiration has caused us to decide to say goodbye to The Bunny Alliance and devote ourselves to fully embracing bigger projects that The Bunny Alliance gave us the foundation to be able to take on.

We continue to organize, we continue to fight for animal liberation, we continue to believe. Join us in continuing to be inspired. Thank you for joining us so far…

No New Animal Lab: National Tour and March on UW

UW march banner

Our friends with the No New Animal Lab campaign have embarked on a national tour to pressure construction corporation Skanska USA to drop their contract to build a new underground animal lab at the University of Washington. Check out their upcoming events across the country, and join them for events wherever you can!

Following the tour, join hundreds of activists for a second March on UW to show university leadership that people are taking to the streets to stop the lab. The opposition is growing, and people around the world are saying that we will stop this lab.

Pay attention to the No New Animal Lab campaign and get involved. The time is now to stop the lab before it’s ever even built. The lives of thousands of animals depend on it.