How Do You Make a Remote Control Car?

Remote control toys are all the rage among kids these days. There are many remote-controlled games and toys available, such as remote control cars, planes, action figures, video games, etc. Having a remote control toy is every kid’s wish. But these toys can be expensive sometimes.

Remote control toys range from simple, homemade cars and planes to expensive and advanced toys. At first, you may think that such toys cannot be made at home, but thanks to the availability of materials like plastic parts and batteries, making a remote control car has never been easier!

For building a radio-controlled car, you need a radio transmitter and receiver electronics parts. These parts can be easily found at a consumer electronics store and hobby electronics outlets. Once you have these parts in place, build a remote for your car and half your job is done. All the parts that you will need to build your own remote control car can be easily found at a craft store or a hobby electronics store.a remote car

Here’s how you can make a remote control car from scratch:

  • Find the base

To make a car, you need to build the body of the car. For this, you will need something like a box, preferably in a rectangular shape. You can also use plastic containers for this purpose, they are sturdier than cardboard boxes. Once you have decided the material to make your car, drill some holes in it and fix some wheels on either side.

  • Fit the motor

Once the skeleton of the car is ready, it time to put in place a power source for the car. For that, take your motor and stick it inside the car using adhesive of your choice. Make sure that it is firmly secured to the car and the connections are in place. Once your motor is fixed, wire some batteries to it to power the motors so that the car can actually function.

  • Wrap up the electronics

Once all the necessary connections are made and the receiver is fixed, it’s time to wrap them up securely and place it inside the car properly. Wrapping them ensures that the connections don’t come loose while operating the car.

Once everything is assembled, it’s time to test out your remote control car using its radio transmitter. Et voila! Your very own remote control car is now ready for use.